New Colordyne Lighting Software: Transforming Spa Experiences!

TouchAmerica, experts in spa and wellness solutions, Have launched a new Lighting Software for treatment rooms. This innovative software is set to redefine the ambiance and experience within spa environments, bringing a new dimension to relaxation.

Colordyne, a sophisticated lighting control system, allows spa practitioners to customize and tailor the lighting in treatment rooms to correspond with audio files. developed by a scientific lighting specialist for use in the wellness industry in collaboration with TouchAmerica , this software creates a truly immersive and personalized experience for spa-goers.

The Colordyne Lighting Software integrates with Touch America’s premium Sound Journey acoustic resonance equipment, ensuring a synchronized and harmonious atmosphere. This new addition underscores TouchAmerica’s commitment to elevating the spa industry, providing practitioners with tools to enhance the well-being of their clients.

Experience the future of spa ambiance with TouchAmerica’s Colordyne Lighting Software – where every treatment becomes a personalized journey.

Introducing The Mesa Treatment Table – full of high-end features, including motorized height and top adjustments, integrated heated top, one-piece memory foam cushion, ultra-soft touch upholstery, drop armrests, a handy USB port with 2 receptacles, a storage drawer, or optional heated drawer. Supported by a sleek, sturdy wood base, the Mesa creates a very comfortable and functional treatment table that is stylish, contemporary, and absolutely loaded with features.

We’re happy to customize finishes and options based on your specific requirements. Please contact customer service to request a quote.

Combine with our Universal Spa Trolley for a sleek set in any treatment room, which features an optional hand towel cabinet that warms your towels and plenty of room for any other Spa essentials.