Minimalism, tranquility and connection to nature – the word on everybody’s lips is Japandi.

Deriving – as the name cleverly suggests – from both Japan and Scandinavia, the popular interior-design style fuses together the concepts of East and West into one wonderfully calming aesthetic.

What is Japandi?

Originating back in the 19th century after Danes began crossing the newly-opened borders of Japan, Japandi is a minimalist ode to simplicity, natural materials, clean lines and quality craftsmanship. It achieves a peaceful balance between simple pleasures (hygge) and the embracing of imperfections (wabi sabi), forming spaces which are functional and cozy, but also spacious and uncluttered. With wood, linen, cotton, rattan, stone and paper as the dominating materials, Japandi interiors are warm canvases to be adorned by a minimalist selection of carefully curated artworks.

THE SKATEROOM editions are perfect statement pieces to compliment your Japandi hotel interior – adding an element of tasteful individuality, yet without disrupting the flowing harmony of the space.