At Hotel Suppliers– we’re all about hotels. Big or small, rural or urban, classic or modern- we don’t discriminate. We understand that whilst the standard luxurious hotel room can be quite the experience- for some seasoned travellers, this just isn’t enough. Today we present the top five most unique luxury hotels in the world to spice up your travel experience.


Hotel Costa Verde

With a seemingly normal name- you might not expect the Hotel Costa Verde to have any significant quirks. However, If this article teaches you anything it’ll be not to judge a book by its cover- or a hotel by its name. 

As such, the five-star hotel is a literal Boeing 727. That’s right- a converted plane that has been completely reinstalled to provide luxury hotel experiences.

The former Aviana Airlines aircraft now houses a two-bed luxury suite with a wooden deck atop the former right wing. The plane is perched on a 50-foot pedestal within the Costa Rica National Park- affording views that make guests feel as though they’re really flying. 


Tree Hotel 

Forget everything I just said- these Swedish Tree Hotels are exactly what they say on the tin. 

Suspended in Harads, these reflective cubes are home to some of the finest luxury hotel suites. The beautiful views of the Lule River Valley provide a fully immersive yet highly futuristic off-grid experience. 


The Manta Resort

The Manta Resort is an underwater luxury hotel resort just off Pemba Island, Zanzibar. The hotel is submerged in beautiful turquoise water and surrounded by colourful tropical fish. Whilst the daytime sun gives light to the beautifully untouched coral reef- these depths might feel a little scary during the night! 


Anantara Golden Triangle 

The Anantara Golden Triangle Resort offers the comfort of the luxury hotel experience in the middle of the jungle. Designed to resemble bubbles, these suites offer panoramic views of the Chiang Rai jungle- known for its majestic elephants!


Memories Aicha Luxury Camp 

The Memories Aicha Camp resort offers a luxury experience like no other. With a landscape like Mars- this eerily beautiful camp is located in the depths of the Jordanian desert. 

Whilst at first glance the camp may look like a mere group of tents- you can expect no less than a five-star experience. Decked out with Luxury furniture, air conditioning, wifi, a library and even a restaurant – this resort is anything but remote. 


So if you’re looking for that luxury hotel experience that we all know and love- but with a little extra spice- be sure to visit the unique 5-star hotels and resorts.