The Timage team have brought their expert knowledge of space saving from furnishing rooms on boats and have realised they can apply it to maximise the space of small hotel rooms. Timage also believe that it is not just about freeing up space for elbow room, but dealing with the space provided by utilising their vast knowledge of the use of lighting and materials. The experience that the team have had from renovating tiny rooms on yachts using textured wall linings, colour-adjustable hidden mood lighting and marine-grade space saving furniture is transferrable to hotel rooms as well. Timage are starting to see how versatile their space saving approach is and how it can be applied to motorhome, residential, wellness spa, automotive, and most importantly, hotel design! Along with that, marine grade solutions bring two massive positives into play. One: the aesthetics achieved by the sleek metals, smooth wooden planks and nautical theme are trendy and contemporary, achieving a very unique, sought after look for a hotel room, hotel lobby or hotel hallway. Two: anything built by timage is marine grade, meaning it is built using high quality materials in order for it to be able to withstand being at sea moving around at 40mph and shaking about! Hotel News