Tile Fire have a new range of hexagonal mosaic tiles out which can be customised to spell out your own personal message, wether that be a welcome message on a lobby floor or a bathroom wall, it really is a great way of displaying signage whilst looking smart. There is also the option to print an image over a large selection of tiles, for instance a company logo, pattern or image. A kiln is used to fire print the design onto the tiles, so they don’t wear off or fade. This is what makes these tiles great for floors as they are extremely hard-wearing, no matter how much they get walked over the design will stick. In the interior design world, descriptive mosaics are becoming extremely popular, and it is easy to see why. Hotel News The tiles are completely customisable; you can make your own words using contrasting colours of tiles, you can have a large image or graphic printed on them for instance an environment or landscape on a wall, you can have a continuing pattern as a theme throughout a tiled floor area for instance a bathroom floor, the possibilities are endless! The honeycomb texture of the tiles look stylish and contemporary, especially when contrasting colours and graphics are played with. When customising the tiles, costs are from £150 on top of the tile prices. The tiles are made to be easy to fix, and when they are customised they come labeled with grid references to assist the assembly of the tiles, so it is not a jigsaw puzzle to put together. Hotel News