Inspired by the beauty of celestial bodies, 1988 Cultivating Spaces introduces the Sphere Coffee Table, the perfect accent piece to make a statement in any contemporary space. The designers, Diana Toncea & Bianca Popa, have transposed three spherical-shaped stars and used them as base for their coffee table. At once futuristic and timeless, the stars create a sense of allure and emphasize abstraction due to their profound symbolism of wholeness. The round form of the tabletop  embraces such unity, revealing the clean, fluid lines of the piece. Manufactured in a small atelier from Eastern Europe, the table is made of lime and beech wood and is customizable upon request. About 1988 Cultivating Spaces Advocating for a thoughtful selection of décor pieces, the brand introduces a sustainable alternative to mass production items: accent pieces crafted in small European ateliers. Featuring small furniture, wall art and ceramics, the one-of-a kind pieces pursue the beauty of organic design, having a neutral aesthetics that avoids here-today-gone-tomorrow trend movements.