In our collective pursuit of a greener future, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is a big move towards combatting climate change. It may be daunting for some to embrace this shift, particularly when it comes to mastering the art of efficient charging. But we’re here to help and shed light on the power of destination charging for hotels.

A key part of the EV charging landscape is destination charging, which enables people to seamlessly incorporate charging into their daily life. These charging stations can be found in places you would typically park up and stay for at least a few hours. A key location for destination charging is hotels – 90% of drivers will seek out destinations that provide EV charging over those that do not, so this amenity has become absolutely essential.

Destination charging enables people’s charging needs to be met without disruption. Rapid charging is another option, adding around 100 miles of range in 30 minutes for your shorter activities. It’s a common misconception that rapid charging is always the most desirable. Whilst there are times when these speedy chargers are very useful, such as on a long journey when you just need a quick top up, destination is often the most beneficial way to charge, for both the user, the hotel, and the planet. Read on to find out why…

  1. Expand the charging network

The simplest reason for hotels to install EV charging stations is to expand the charging network. By providing this amenity throughout hotels across the UK, people have more choices and can be more flexible with when and where they charge. This makes the charging ecosystem more accessible and convenient for EV drivers, in turn encouraging people to make the switch to electric!

  1. Keep your rooms full and boost revenue

Offering EV charging to guests opens your hotel doors to the ever-growing generation of EV drivers, and this convenience provides great reason for them to return to your hotel again and again. This keeps your rooms booked and in turn generates additional revenue through usage of the chargers.

  1. Alleviate range anxiety for drivers

Range anxiety is the fear of running out of charge before reaching a charging station, and can be a major concern for drivers. Hotel EV charging helps alleviate this anxiety by providing drivers with a sense of security that they can top up during their stay, so they have no need to worry about finding a charger en-route or after they’ve left – they can leave your hotel refreshed after a full night’s sleep, and with a full car battery!

  1. Encourage longer journeys for EV drivers

Another reason that may discourage people from buying an EV is the fear of limited range when going on long journeys. Hotel charging plays a crucial role in overcoming this hurdle. As charging becomes more prevalent in hotels, longer journeys become more accessible for EV drivers as they know they have charging points along their route/at their end destination.

  1. Boost business sustainability

For hotels, offering destination charging showcases a commitment to sustainability and helps to attract eco-conscious guests. This differentiates your hotel from competitors and fosters a positive, eco-friendly brand image, which is very important amidst the climate crisis.

Overall, destination charging plays a key role in the EV revolution and has become an essential amenity for hotels nowadays. By making EV charging commonplace in hotels, we can increase the charging network, in turn alleviating range anxiety and encouraging extended journeys, all whilst boosting business sustainability. As EV adoption continues to grow, it is essential for businesses, governments, and communities to partake in expanding the destination charging network. Only by doing so can we ensure a greener future for generations to come. So let’s embrace the power of destination charging at hotels and empower EV drivers in their journey towards a brighter and cleaner future!