In the world of hospitality, a well-stocked cigar humidor is a symbol of exceptional service and attention to detail. Cigar enthusiasts understand that enjoying a fine cigar is like savouring a fine wine; it’s a moment to be cherished. For a host, having a cigar humidor is more than just a luxury; it’s a key element in enhancing the guest experience. A well-maintained cigar collection adds sophistication to any after-dinner or event, creating an atmosphere of refinement in your hotel, restaurant or member’s club.

Store with excellence

To truly appreciate a cigar’s nuances, it must be stored under the right conditions. EuroCave’s cigar humidor provides the ideal environment to preserve the aroma and flavour of your cigars and offer the best tasting conditions to your guests: a humidity level between 65% – 72% and a temperature from 18°C – 22°C (64.4°F-71.6°F).

The sliding storage drawer and the wood sliding shelves with tray, accommodate cigars in their original boxes or individually, regardless of their shape or size.

The “Origine France Garantie” label assures you of the product’s superior production quality and sends a strong message to your guests who value quality. And for your peace of mind, follow real-time humidity and temperature displayed levels. Five alarms ensure your collection is always safe.

Serve in Style

A well-designed humidor is an element of sophistication for your cigar collection and for your space.

The glass door and the amber light strip, allows you to showcase your collection without compromising the preservation of your cigars.
The removable serving wood tray add an elegant touch to your cigar presentations, making it easy to display a selection of cigars, for your guests, outside the humidor.

A key element for guest experience

In summary, with its elegant design and customizable storage options, the EuroCave cigar humidor elevates the cigar experience to new heights. Make every moment spent with a cigar as special as that first sip of a fine wine.

From £4,262.70, including VAT
Capacity – from 700 to 1000 cigars.

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