The Nice Fleet, known for their range of trendy, high quality inflatables, have released a cool and chic winter range of inflatables, covered in winter themed patterns and graphics. As with many of the summer inflatables, The Nice Fleet have remained faithful to their usual carefully chosen watercolour technique and pallet with the winter range, and have four 110cm diameter snow tubes exhibiting exclusive motifs that evoke four different winter destinations. The PVC that is used in the snow tubes is completely recyclable, BPA free, phthalate-free and resistant to cold temperatures up to -25°. The four winter destinations are as follows: Rochebrune, for its contemplative landscape, Aspen for its water-coloured lugers, skiers and hikers, Inari for its fluffy snow flakes on an icy blue background and finally Hudson Bay for its p0etic icy floe.




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