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The Natural Cotton Company Highlights why it is Important to Offer Guests Genuinely Sustainable Products


Sustainable businesses: a demand led rising trend

There is an ever-growing trend of companies becoming sustainable. HSBC’s ‘Made For The Future’ report shows that almost half of UK companies are planning to increase their environment-related spending by Summer 2021. 96% of businesses included in the research said that they are feeling increasing pressure to become more sustainable, and 86% expect their sales to grow from a greater focus on sustainability.

Guests seek authenticity and transparency

The Conscious Bedroom Report highlights that the ‘feel good’ factor experienced by hotel guests, and the chance of them making a repeat booking, is generated by the ‘sense of purpose’ that a hotel conveys. The report also emphasises that 76% of customers feel that hotels ‘could do more to be greener’.

Sustainable business practices are no longer niche. As they break into mainstream markets, hotel brands are needing to find new ways to demonstrate their sustainable credentials, as broad claims about being green aren’t enough anymore. According to Ethical Hour, consumers in 2021 expect brands to make bigger environmental commitments, demonstrate these with third-party verification and communicate them transparently. Consumers are more knowledgeable and well researched than ever, and they don’t trust the sustainability claims made by brands. Therefore, sustainable products should seek third party verification and embrace labelling and certification that shows evidence for their environmental commitments if they want to claim they are sustainable.

The Natural Cotton Company: Who are they?

The Natural Cotton Company gives hoteliers the option to help address the sustainability challenge through their products.

Not only do they provide hotels with beautiful, high-quality products, but they do this while making minimal negative impact on the environment and on the people who work in the industry. They believe this distinguishes the Natural Cotton Company from conventional cotton brands and it is one of the first of its kind. The Natural Cotton Company sells to a global market of hotels and spas that consciously prioritise the environment.

The Natural Cotton Company’s products

The Natural Cotton Company’s bed linens have timeless, classic designs. The linen is available in white or unbleached cotton in sateen and percale weave in 200, 300 and 400 thread count. They can also offer bespoke products, including embroidery, bands, lace, pleats and company logos. As well as this they offer a range of certified cotton towels and blankets. Price-wise, they aim to charge the same as conventional cotton products of similar quality.

Why natural cotton?

The Natural Cotton Company is inspired and motivated by the love of nature, respect for the earth and the people in it. All of their products are ethically and organically sourced; they are made from 100% organic GOTS certified and 100% Fairtrade certified cotton; they are also manufactured to the highest standard in certified factories – the entire production chain is monitored from beginning to end.

As well as a fair price and good working conditions, research shows that organic cotton has several social and environmental benefits. This includes using 91% less water from natural rivers and streams than conventional cotton, contributing 70% less to acidification of land and water and using 62% less energy than conventional cotton.

Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The hospitality sector has the potential to contribute, directly or indirectly to all of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, in particular around inclusive and sustainable economic growth, sustainable consumption and production. The rising interest in sustainable lifestyles will help towards meeting these goals.

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