The Landmark London preps for major sustainability refurb with the appointment of new Hotel Manager, Steven Laine.


The iconic Landmark London stands as one of London’s most luxurious and vibrant hotels. With its soaring atrium palm trees, astonishing architecture and impeccable service- The Landmark has become a ‘home away from home’ for Premier League Football stars, business giants and Hollywood celebs alike. It is therefore essential that the golden standard of the Landmark is held with the appointment of a new Hotel Manager- and Steven Laine stands as the perfect man for the job.  

moo and yoo shampoo and conditioner

Lain brings a clear vision to his new position- aiming to uphold the golden standard of the hotel with a renewed emphasis on sustainability. In an age of environmental anxiety and increasing demand for more planet friendly hotel solutions- it is imperative that the five star guest experience is not clouded by the eco-conscious approach, and that hotel managers work to reduce waste and energy use without compromising guest experiences. 

With a wealth of new sustainable solution providers breaking into the industry through the Hotel Suppliers network- this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Cottonsafe, for example, handcrafts natural, sustainable mattresses using a unique and alternative blend of organic cotton and pure wool. Cottonsafe mattresses are not only green but also luxuriously comfortable- proving that sustainable alternatives can be just as safe and comfortable. 

cotton safe sewing sustainable mattress

Hoteliers are also turning toward environmentally conscious amenity suppliers in the eco-hospitality sphere. Companies such as Moo & Yoo–  a sustainable, family run hair and body care company based in Scotland provide luxury yet ethical hotel products that are plastic free, kind to the planet and reusable.

Similarly, Picki Niki offers sustainable water saving solutions with the hotel filtered shower heads. The shower heads protect against hard water and harsh chemicals, and can also be customised  with vitamin infused filters which provide luxury aromatherapy shower experiences for guests.

There is a wealth of sustainable solutions to be chosen from on the Hotel Suppliers network which make luxury sustainability possible. With industry giants such as The Landmark taking the steps towards more eco-conscious hospitality with their sustainability refurb- its exciting to see more hotels follow suit and turn towards sustainable supplier solutions. 

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