Chris Stock, Managing Director of Percipient, looks at the increasing importance of building a set of integrated technologies to create value for owners and operators.

It’s no secret that digital represents a lever for profitability in the hospitality industry. Agility and flexibility have come to the forefront as metrics of success, replacing traditional measures which relied upon things staying relatively constant year after year.

In a world where very little stays the same for very long, those leading the way in the hospitality industry are embracing digital as a means to deliver new services, better meet customer expectations, optimise the guest experience, and carve out competitive advantage.

Scaling the Tech Stack for Future Growth

The right tech stack is important, not only in the successful running of the business but in times of consolidation. In the event of an acquisition, investment, or expansion, essentially whenever the valuation of the company comes into play, optimising the value of newly acquired hotels, and delivering returns in line with expectations is crucial. Where management companies operate different hotels with different systems, there are inevitable roadblocks in the way of the all-important synergies and collaboration needed to thrive.

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