Evavaara Design is a pioneer in the development and design of modern and practical furniture.

The Evavaara Design sshhh collection includes furniture for a quiet world: acoustic chairs, phone booths, meeting rooms and home offices.

The Sshhh collection is much more than just a piece of furniture. It’s a beautiful product that helps create a quiet, personal space and a way to reduce noise levels in different spaces.

The Sshhh collection is suitable for open-plan offices, airports, hotels, libraries… anywhere you need a quiet space and a bit of privacy. Our design and production are located in Finland.



Antti Evävaara has manufactured his own furniture designs since 1985.

His idiom is international, which is why many of his designs have become classics seen in the lobbies of luxury hotels and embassies and various office environments around the world.

Evävaara is also one of the established pioneers of functional furniture design in Europe.