It’s no secret. The most successful businesses in hospitality are finding ways to reattract guests after the dire impact of the pandemic.

But often it is about enhancing what already works and spotting and riding long term trends, says SMS Head of Sales and EV, Mark Winn. “I can tell you EV registrations were 40% higher in 2022 than in 2021 and business travellers are driving this. So, providing EV chargers for hotel guests is a great opportunity some have already seized. But they have inadvertently forced their guests to change their behaviour, which doesn’t work.”

The sites that already have a couple of Rapid EV chargers face an issue.  Rapids take between one and two hours to charge a car, which sounds great, but leaves the onus on the guests to responsibly vacate the bay for others to use. So, Winn says, “Focus on your current business model and give your customers what they expect; the convenience of knowing they can book an EV charging spot overnight, alongside dining, relaxing, and enjoying your facilities without interruption. The technology and knowledge to facilitate this is out there.”

What EV drivers want from you

• Confidence: Ability to pre-book charging at the same time as booking a room, even for a premium, so they avoid having to plan around fuelling their car (less cancelations).

• Convenience: Fast over-night charging to avoid late night text alerts and/or penalties from Rapid chargers asking the driver to move their vehicle after two hours (happier customers).

• Availability: Assurance there are numerous chargers, so if they haven’t reserved a parking spot, they can still access a charge point (good customer service equals repeat visits).

We’re changing the way you provide access to charging, so you maximise occupancy levels

Firstly, our pre-booking system melts away the anxiety EV guests face about running out of power, so they arrive relaxed. And secondly, as well as offering cheaper charging for visitors, our Fast-charging bays accommodate five times more vehicles than Rapid chargers. Thirdly, and most importantly, we help you provide the same customer experience to all your guests whatever car they drive.

“Talk to us”, Winn says. “There is the current way, and a better way, to make EV work for your business.”

How we help you give EV customers what they want

• We can provide significantly more access to charging at your site

• Linking with your current room reservation systems, guest can pre-book a dedicated charging by in advance

• On arrival they are allocated a room and exclusive charging facility

• They plug in at the reserved time and then enjoy the rest of their stay, safe in the knowledge that when they leave, the vehicle is fully charged for the return home.

• We’ll take care of everything from the design to the operation and maintenance of the chargers.

• A 24/7 customer service help desk available.

Visit www.sms-plc.com/evcharging for more information or contact the our experts directly on 02920 054 151 / [email protected]