United Kingdom – The pulse-pounding sequel to the gripping thriller ‘2,600 Feet per Second,’ ‘The Colonel’ is primed to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor and make waves in the cinematic world. Authored by Nick Love, renowned for his knack for crafting heart-pumping narratives, ‘The Colonel’ promises to be another Nick Love film waiting to be made.

In this electrifying sequel, Chris ‘Laser’ Beem, a former Royal Marine sniper, finds himself ensnared in a deadly game where his daughters become pawns in a sinister endgame orchestrated by a ruthless adversary known only as The Colonel. As the stakes escalate, Chris is thrust into a race against time to save his family and himself, even if it means venturing into the realm of cold-blooded murder.

Nick Love expertly picks up where ‘2,600 Feet per Second’ left off, weaving a tale of revenge, redemption, and relentless action that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Drawing upon the adrenaline-fuelled momentum of its predecessor, The Colonel delivers a cinematic experience on the page, making it a natural fit for adaptation to the silver screen.

With its gripping plot, sharp prose, and compact chapters, The Colonel appeals to a wide audience, including readers with dyslexia, offering a riveting literary experience for all.

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of Chris Beem’s tumultuous past, ‘The Colonel’ thrusts readers into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse as Chris races to rescue his daughters from the clutches of a vengeful enemy. With tension mounting and danger lurking at every turn, Chris must tap into his military prowess and rally his allies to confront the looming threat before it’s too late.

Praise for ‘2,600 Feet per Second’ sets the stage for ‘The Colonel’s’ imminent success, with readers lauding Love’s masterful storytelling and immersive narrative. Anticipation is high for the sequel, with fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Chris Beem’s gripping saga.

About the Author: Nick Love, a former Royal Marine with a lifelong passion for writing, brings his unique blend of military experience and storytelling prowess to ‘The Colonel.’ Despite grappling with dyslexia, Love’s determination to share his stories with the world serves as an inspiration to aspiring authors everywhere.

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