The Celtic Collection proudly owns unique hotels across South Wales and beyond. Their collection of luxury hotels includes; Classic Celtic Manor, Hunter Lodges, Coldra Court Hotel, Tŷ Hotels, The Manor House Newbridge on USK and, most recently, The Parkgate Hotel. 

In 2021, after 2 years of development, The Parkgate Hotel opened. The stunning Victorian structure, formerly the Head Post Office and County Court, had been transformed, and being on the doorstep of Principality Stadium, it’s the perfect location for rugby lovers to have a weekend getaway. 

The Background

As the hotel opened its doors during the pandemic, when fewer of us were travelling, it’s possible that fewer people would have known about its grand opening. The fact that it is in the heart of Cardiff city centre and a stone’s throw from The Parkgate Hotel solidified its potential. 

The team at The Celtic Collection engaged with us about a digital advertising campaign to put The Parkgate Hotel in front of the right people and on the map. 

We needed to be able to: 

  • Increase the number of people booking to stay at the hotel through the website 
  • Boost interest in the hospitality packages available, particularly as the hotel is so close to the stadium. 

The Solution

To reach the goals set by the team, we agreed to use programmatic advertising, a new avenue for The Celtic Collection, to achieve this. One of the key ways to have a successful campaign using programmatic advertising was to make sure we could get in front of our target audience. 

But who was our target audience? In a nutshell, we were looking at those who enjoyed rugby and who had the disposable income to stay in a nice hotel while enjoying the game. In addition to this, those who would consider adding a hospitality package to their stay to make it an unforgettable experience. 

To do so, we wanted to create specific segments, one of which being sports fans and another being a certain level of household income. When these were combined through layering, we had a fairly niche audience, one that we felt would have an interest in what we were advertising. By using programmatic advertising to appear on a number of third-party websites where those who fit in our segments would visit, we had an ample opportunity to get in front of them and get those all-important clicks.   

In addition to this, we also worked with The Celtic Collection to create the visual banners that would best represent them in line with their brand guidelines and provided assets. 

The Future

Following this project, we continue to work with The Celtic Collection to find ways to promote and showcase their portfolio to those visiting South Wales and beyond. We will, of course, adapt the segmentation and layering mentioned to match the unique nature of each hotel and their potential guests.