A family-controlled business supplying luxury spirits and dark rums for hotels, The Alnwick Rum & Spirits Company is on a mission to preserve the past and build the future of traditional Northumbrian drink operations. If you’re looking to stock your hotel bars and guest rooms with the finest, most nuanced rum and spirits on the market- look no further than The Alnwick Rum & Spirit Company. 

The Alnwick Company is fundamental in the conservation of Northumberland’s seafaring heritage and in the pioneering of today’s rum culture. This commitment is reflected in their wide array of beverages including the original ‘Legendary Dark Rum’- a 43% dark rum based on a selection of Caribbean rums aged in American oak barrels. Other unique rums within the collection include the ‘Golden Spiced’- A black pepper spiced blend with hints of orange, lemon, lime and mixed spices.  

The Alnwick Rum Company also provides a wide range of luxury hotel spirits which are sure to elevate your guests stay. With something for everyone, and each one holding a unique story of its own- this spirit collection includes a moorish Almond rum, a Pineapple and Coconut summer drink, a Coffee and Cocoa rum and a smooth Honey Rum. 

Providing a full spectrum alcoholic beverage solutions- The Alnwick Rum and Spirit Company even produce a very popular line of locally produced gin. Their latest release is a highly acclaimed naval strength Collingwood Special Reserve in honour of Northumbrian hero, Lord Collingwood. It is regarded by many of naval pedigree as the finest on the market. 

Enquire today with The Alnwick Run and Spirit Company to elevate your guests’ luxury experiences with a unique and refined line of rum and spirits.