Developed in Denmark, created in Latvia and distributed worldwide. This is the story of the all-natural beauty brand for hotels, ILoveEcoEssentials; the pinnacle of conscious beauty, and a key player in the international beauty revolution that is currently taking the world by storm.

ILoveEcoEssentials is the brainchild of Mia Thielsen and Jannie Lybeck – two women on a mission to make skincare for hotels both fun, clean and more unique. Since the very beginning in 2016, they have been working on making their brand as sustainable as possible, offering some of the purest skincare products you can find on the market. Today, all products – from shampoo and body lotion to sunscreen and deodorant – are 100% vegan and eco-certified all the way. But their mission is far from complete. Mia and Jannie, and the rest of the ILoveEcoEssentials team, are dreaming of a healthier planet, which begins with less waste and more care for the environment.

That’s part of the reason why they’re not just another skincare brand; ILEE is deeply rooted in the hospitality industry and based on a foundation of respect for nature and people. For example, the bottles consist of recycled plastic from old plastic bottles and the pumps of 100% bamboo, which is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials in the world. “We’re going to save the world! Or die trying…”, as it says on the packing of one of the products. That pretty much sums it up.

Being so closely linked to hotels is not a coincidence, though. Right from the beginning, the team wanted to emphasize the importance of good skincare in hotels. Offering guests a luxurious range of body care products is not only a vital part of a hotel’s brand identity; it taps into the needs and desires of most hotel guests – to feel special and pampered. All this while supporting a healthier climate and environment is essentially what ILoveEcoEssentials stands for.

Sustainable, Sexy Skincare

The Danish hotel chain, Guldsmeden Hotels, was not only the skincare brand’s first customer, but also a trusted sparring and development partner in the process of creating clean and natural products. The first bottles of body lotion and shampoo, which are still among the favourites in a now wide product assortment, were literally born inside a hotel and tested by hotel guests before anyone else. Inarguably, this has shaped ILoveEcoEssentials into being one of the leading skincare brands for hotels in Denmark and beyond. But the journey has only just begun, as the products are now gaining international praise and attention – not only from hotel guests, but from royals and celebrities, too. Two of them being the cast of the famous American sitcom “Orange is the new black” and the Norwegian royal family. Still, the skincare brand with Danish roots continue to march to the beat of its own drum, staying true to its core values of simplicity, sustainability and ‘everyday luxury’.

Apart from hotel accessories such as slippers, combs, bamboo toothbrushes, crystal deodorants and more, there are nine products to be found in the current assortment. They’re all presented in bottles with delicious earthy colors such as chocolate brown, bright orange, white, emerald green and black. From the cucumber-infused aromatic mist and the silky soft conditioner to one of the most beloved members of the family, the ‘’Body Bubbles Body Wash’, the scents and sensations of these products stick with you long after you’ve left your hotel room. One sniff will transport you directly to the lush nature and warm climate of Bali – and who wouldn’t want a piece of that to take home? Luckily, you can!

ILoveEcoEssentials is a pioneer in the sustainable skincare industry, especially because they prove that sustainable skincare can be both fun and sexy without compromising on quality or looks. Welcome to a new fragrant era of conscious travelling!

If you’d like to know more, click here: www.iloveecoessentials.com.