GreenEarth Cleaning is the world’s largest environmentally non-toxic odorless dry cleaning brand.  The brand name refers to an exclusive, patented, proprietary safe dry cleaning process that replaces petrochemicals with pure liquid silicone, a by-product of sand that is safe for people and the planet.

Sustainability | Lower Carbon Footprint

Since 1999, our mission at GreenEarth Cleaning has been to provide a safe, kinder, gentler, and sustainable dry cleaning alternative for even the most cherished, embellished garments; all in alliance with current sustainability and lower carbon footprint objectives. Your Guests will see, touch and feel the difference in their garments – colors stay bright, odorless and look newer for longer – achieving the highest level of Guest satisfaction.

Not only will your Guests garments be treated with care, your budget will benefit as well since GreenEarth Cleaning system has the lowest energy usage, highest solvent mileage, lower equipment and labor costs compared to other solvents.  It pays to go green and future proof laundry facilities in the hospitality industry!


With a commitment to bring new innovation to the cleaning industry, GreenEarth Cleaning was recently awarded a U.S. Patent for the development of an anti-viral cleaning methodology.  The patent enables GreenEarth Affiliates to integrate vaporization into the dry cleaning cycle delivering the highest level of protection from current and future lipid-layer viruses.

“With this advancement, we feel that our Affiliates are better prepared for the potential arrival of any possible new variant of COVID or the next virus,” adds Tim Maxwell, President of GreenEarth Cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly, Energy Efficient Solution

An existing dry cleaning facility can be converted to the GreenEarth Cleaning system with existing multi-solvent machines or with the addition of the GreenEarth G-Series Dry Cleaning equipment. “GreenEarth’s offerings are even more valuable to hotels in the build-out stage or new construction so that from day one they are running a more sustainable and energy-efficient laundry”, added Maxwell.  GreenEarth is committed to sustainability goals to provide the best possible fabric care with the lowest overall environmental impact, minimizing garment care’s impact on the planet and being a catalyst for change.  

So if you are looking for a way to create or enhance existing dry cleaning operations with the sustainable, environmentally non-toxic, energy-efficient GreenEarth Cleaning system and additives, please get in touch with Angela Harris at [email protected] and Hotel Suppliers.