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Zeez Sleep - Hotel Sleep Specialists

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Zeez Sleep are Hotel Sleep Specialists, the creators of an award-winning Hotel sleep Assistance device, the Zeez Sleep Pebble, which copies the brainwaves of a good sleeper to get the rest of us to relax and sleep deeply. Zeez will be launching its latest device, the Zeez Sleep Pad, at Hotel 360. The Sleep Pad has been designed specially for hotels, to fit under or inside a pillow. Zeez Sleep is a small UK based start-up, with big plans to transform our sleep. We Create top quality products to become a number 1 supplier in Hotel Sleep Specialists.

The Zeez Sleep Pebble is Zeez’s first product – a small sleep device powered by a watch-type rechargeable battery. Used under a pillow, it creates tiny pulses which reproduce the brainwave pattern of a good sleeper during relaxation and sleep. The Zeez’s pulses follow a timed sequence designed to prompt users to relax and sleep deeply through four sleep cycles. We create high quality technology like this to show our incredible background in Hotel Sleep Specialists. It is easy to use – invisible tech – no app, no computer,  just one button. Press the button, and sleep. 6 ¾ hours later, the Zeez switches itself off.

The Zeez Pebble can transform lives, and often does. It has been tested and used by 800 people with around 80% responding by sleeping much better. It is used and loved by people aged 14 – 91 and can have an effect even on those who have slept badly for decades.  People with a healthy lifestyle respond best, and the Zeez maybe particularly suited to hotels which attract guests who are interested in wellness, and need to relax. It is good for people who want a natural Hotel sleep Assistance Device. Sometimes a great bed isn’t enough. Sometimes you need sleep assistance from Hotel Sleep Specialists.

Zeez Sleep’s new Sleep Pad is flat and can go under or inside a pillow, or used under a topper. It is programmed for sleep, rest and jet lag recovery.  With a 30-day battery the Pad is perfect for hotels – just swap over the battery pack once a month. There is nothing else like it and we think it could be a real benefit for international travellers. We have a wide range of experience that makes us Hotel Sleep Specialists.

Most people feel the benefits of our relaxation and jet lag recovery programmes within a day or so. Having experienced the benefits of good rest, guests may want to take away a Zeez Sleep Pebble or Pad so that they can have the full experience at home – whilst some people benefit from our deep sleep programmes immediately this may take 3 to 7 days and sometimes longer..


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