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Commercial Kitchen Equipment - Valentine Equipment Ltd

Valentine Equipment offers high quality Swiss-made fryers, along with pasta and noodle multicookers, for professional foodservice operators all over the UK. Valentine Equipment has built a national reputation for innovative, durable, energy efficient and sustainable commercial kitchen equipment. The Valentine brand of commercial kitchen equipment is recognised around the world and is used by all sectors of the hospitality and food service markets from local pubs and take-aways through to Michelin-starred restaurants. Recent projects include working with Byron Hamburgers Ltd, SUGO Pasta and Murano London.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Supplier Details

Commercial Kitchen Equipment - Valentine Equipment Ltd

High-Quality Swiss Fryers

The new Valentine EVO2200PP twin pump high quality Swiss fryer offers an enhanced system of oil filtration which is designed to completely segregate the oil in each pan, this is especially useful in preventing the cross contamination of allergens and different food groups. Another recent launch in the Valentine range is the EVO computer high quality Swiss fryer, this machine has proven itself to be a great addition to our key account business, along with multiple site operators who consider consistency and reduced operating costs as crucial requirements. The EVO computer high quality Swiss fryer can store up to eight product specific programmes, has built-in energy optimisation to reduce overall energy consumption, has independent automatic lifting baskets and is also password protected to ensure reliable and consistent frying results. The EVO2200PP and the range of EVO computer fryers come with Valentine’s standard parts and labour warranty of three years and a lifetime warranty of 20 years on the pans. Valentine have been manufacturing fryers and multi-cookers in Switzerland for over 60 years and are a global leader specialising in Hotel and Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment – Cost Savings Through Oil Efficiency

Valentine fryers are designed to require less oil than any other fryer on the market. Each pan is made of double insulated stainless steel, which is pressed rather than welded, and has a smaller than usual cool zone under the element. This reduced cool zone ensures that the oil used is reserved mostly for cooking and has a significant impact on both pre-heating and recovery times. Customers also have an option to specify a turbo fryer which will provide an increased product output per-hour with the same quantity of oil. Further benefiting the reduction in oil use is the Valentine fryer footprint, with an overall depth of only 600mm, the high quality Swiss fryer requires an average of 20% less oil than alternative machines of the same width. These combined product features result in end-users saving money every time their fryer is filled with cooking oil.

Oil Filtration and Oil Saving for High Quality Swiss Fryers

Valentine Equipment has recently partnered with Warminster-based National Facilities Management to assist Byron Hamburgers Ltd with reducing oil consumption whilst offering their customers a healthier and fresher product. As Valentine works side-by-side with Vito UK, as both an advocate of their oil filtration systems and agent in the UK, the solution seemed obvious. With the support of Vito UK, a demonstration was organised leading to a seven-day trial at Byron’s Beak Street restaurant in Soho, one of the chains busiest branches. During the trial a substantial 100L of oil was saved, as well as a considerable reduction in labour from not needing to manually filter and replace the fryer oil. Over the seven days a 60% reduction in oil usage was realised, and as an extra bonus, levels of TPM’s (Total Polar Material) in the oil were minimised, achieving a significant goal for Byron. Over the next few months, Valentine Equipment and National FM introduced the Vito filtration system to Byron’s remaining 49 sites across three stages. Initially units were delivered across London before moving across Britain to ensure that every Byron site had the highest level of training and ongoing support.

Caffè Parma Chooses Valentine Fryers and Multi-cookers

Valentine Equipment recently provided new cooking solutions for Caffè Parma’s cicchetti and northern Italian dishes. Steve Elliott, Sales Director for Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip, commented “Stefano Giovanazzi, the owner of Caffè Parma in Glasgow, called the office and said that his father had owned a Valentine fryer and could we recommend a unit for his kitchen to replace a gas model. Stefano explained that his father had been a strong ambassador of Valentine fryers because of their quality, reliability and ease-of-use. To ensure that we recommended the most beneficial product for Caffè Parma, I visited the site, which is attached to a health club, and Stefano and I discussed the suitability of equipment. Having considered Stefano’s requirements, I suggested EVO2525 and EVO200 fryers, plus a Valentine multi-cooker for cooking pasta. Once the equipment required had been confirmed, I referred Stefano to Marco Jaconelli, Managing Director at Delvado Ltd. Marco organised the site survey, power requirements, installation and finance for Stefano enabling the project to move forward quickly and efficiently. Discussing their work on the project, Marco Jaconelli said “To minimise disruption to service for Caffè Parma we arranged for the install to take place early in the morning so that it was complete before the busy lunchtime period. We supplied the EVO2525 and EVO200 fryers with splash guards along with a Valentine Multi-cooker with two extra round baskets.”

Table-top Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Meeting the growing demand for flexible and portable commercial kitchen equipment, Valentine has introduced two new tabletop machines – the Liguria pasta cooker and the EVO table-top chip scuttle. The new Liguria tabletop pasta cooker has been developed by Valentine Fabrique in Switzerland and is designed and engineered to the same high standards as its bigger Valentine cousins. The Liguria is ideal for professional kitchens where space is tight, and equipment may need be moved around. The EVO table-top chip scuttle provides additional options to food service operations, who may already benefit from using Valentine fryers, wanting to make the most of available space. The table-top chip scuttle keeps perfectly fried food hot until service.

Key features of the EVO table-top chip scuttle:

  • Heated pan pressed from single piece of stainless steel
  • Two heat sources – pan is heated from below and a quartz heat lamp keeps the food hot from above

Both machines come with Valentine’s Swiss build quality and three-year warranty.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment


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