UV-C Key Card Sanitiser

MagiKote – UV-C Key Card Sanitiser

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Does your hotel or organisation operate a sanitised key card policy, to protect your staff and your guests from germs?

The MagiKote UV-C key card sanitiser is:

  • the simplest
  • the quickest
  • the most cost-effective

way to protect guests and staff from the invisible bio-film of germs on frequently handled key-cards, traditional door entry keys with fobs, and other small items.

The very first thing that you hand to your hotel guest on checking-in should surely be a pristine and germ-free key card, setting a high standard for the duration of their stay.

UV-C Key Card Sanitiser
Supplier Details

It is said that a hotel key-card is like a “guest-book of germs”

Hotel key cards and door access passes are rarely cleaned and are handled by hundreds of guests.

Small items such as ID cards, name-badges, TV Remotes and conventional door keys – frequently handled objects such as face-masks, cell-phones, jewellery, wristwatches, sunglasses – even the drinking glasses, cups, mugs, spoons and sugar or milk sachets present in hotel bedrooms should all be safely sanitised on a regular basis.

How many different hands have your key cards passed through, and how often have they been 99.9% sanitised afterwards?

  • In a Google Survey in November 2021, 1,500 people were asked if Hotel Key Cards should be regularly sanitised with UV-C light, and over 75% replied YES.

Think again before using ‘wet-wipes’ for cleaning.

Wet-wipes contain micro-plastic fibres which do not bio-degrade in the environment. They can cause long term damage to sea creatures and the marine environment.

The MagiKote UV-C key card sanitiser machine does not use water or other fluids and it does not need any chemicals or heat. It uses an ozone-free UV-C bulb, with high germicide power to destroy bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds and other pathogens.

Featuring a unique transparent Plexiglass rack, to hold 30 cards.

The rack can be easily removed so that other small items can also be sterilised by placing them in a small removable basket.

Germicidal power is maximised due to the internal reflecting hammered and mirrored aluminium surfaces and the way the plastic cards are arranged in the specially designed transparent rack in the UV-C key card sanitiser. Objects therefore have maximum exposure to the UV-C rays.

99.9% EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID-19 virus, E.Coli and Staph bacteria in seconds.

  • The MAGIKOTE UV-C unit has demonstrated a Certified Lab Tested 99.9% reduction against COVID-19. It takes just 30 seconds.
  • The MAGIKOTE UV-C unit has also been tested to ISO testing standards against E.Coli and Staph bacteria. 60 seconds is all it takes to show a 99.9% reduction against E.Coli and 90 seconds to reduce Staphylococcus Aureus by 99.9%.


Available as an optional add-on, the MagiKote UV-C key card sanitiser machine can even be used with a standalone battery-pack. This is ideal for house-keeping trolleys to avoid the hazard of trailing electric wires or any place where mains power is limited.

  • The standalone battery pack supplies up to 21 hours of power off-grid under normal use and the re-charging time is approximately 2 hours.


The MagiKote UV-C key card sanitiser has all necessary compliance certifications for CE, ROHS, REACH and EPA and is manufactured in the EU.

AMC (Antimicrobial Cards Ltd is a division of Formology Holdings Ltd)
MagiKote is a registered trademark of Formology Holdings Ltd
UV-C Key Card Sanitiser



UV-C Key Card Sanitiser

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