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TouchMenu – All-in-one Hotel Digital Menu Platform – Orders, Bookings, Customer Loyalty, Analytics

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All-in-one Hotel Digital Menu Platform

TouchMenu is a cloud-based, modularized, hotel digital menu platform offering a wide range of services and functionalities for hospitality operators.

  • It enhances the customer experience while focusing on smart-resources optimization and boosting revenues for your business.
  • TouchMenu is contactless, safe, helps with social distancing, all while staying close to your customers.
  • TouchMenu increases customer satisfaction, retention rates and average bill amount.

Think of TouchMenu as your very own 24-7 assistant that you can mould to your needs and integrate it into your business as much (or as little) as you’d like without disrupting your normal operational flows.

TouchMenu speaks your customers’ language. Literally. It is a multilingual platform and can help with check-in and check-out, room service, restaurant and bar menus, ordering food and beverage items, booking tables, SPA procedures or training sessions with an instructor. With the integrated feedback and rating modules, customers can comment on and rate your service while still on the premises.

Hotel Digital Menu Platform
Supplier Details

Why should you choose TouchMenu?

TouchMenu is not the future. It is the present. We don’t base our statistics on studies and hypothetical scenarios, it’s all real-world data gathered over the past years, it is trends that we see forming and we give you those insights to help you boost your business.

How does it work?

Your customers access the TouchMenu hotel digital menu platform by scanning a QR code using their own smartphones (or by clicking a link you share on social media or in an email). The QR code can be positioned inside the hotel room, at the reception, around the pool area or at the beach, on every table in the restaurant or throughout the open areas. Every QR code is carefully configured using multiple parameters and options to provide the desired functionality, i.e. in-room QR codes could show all menus and info items in the hotel, but allow room service orders only. while restaurant QR codes could hide all menus except the restaurant menu. The exact setup will follow your specific needs and requirements.

The PORAL page is the initial landing page after scanning a QR code. That page will contain links to all of your menus – restaurant/bar/lobby, in-room dining, SPA and wellness, group activities, organized trips, hotel information packs, COVID-19 info, upcoming events, and so on.

The TouchMenu customer experience

First and foremost, TouchMenu is as much a digital menu as it is a staff assistant. As such, it was imperative to make it possible to present food, beverages and services at least as good as a human would. Here’s what TouchMenu hotel digital menu platform offers your customers:

  • Multilingual platform
  • Menu items’ ingredients, options and modifiers, allergens, nutritional values
  • Orders, reservations and payments
  • Up-sell and cross-sell options
  • User profiles with settings and preferences
  • Feedback and rating modules
  • Quick customer actions and open comms to guest relations
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Alerts and notifications

Benefits for your hotel and staff members

As a cloud-based digital menu, TouchMenu gathers enormous amounts of (anonymous) data that you can use to your advantage. Our statistics module and AI engine analyze customer behaviour, orders and items sales volumes and derive various reports, forecast models and short-term suggestions in an attempt to increase sales and revenue.

The TouchMenu hotel digital menu platform administration panel gives you access to every module and subsystem of the platform allowing you to manage, in real-time, every aspect of it:

  • Updates to pricing and item availability
  • Add/remove/edit food and beverage items, as well as static info and events items
  • Seasonal or limited-time menus, including lunch only or happy-hour options
  • Allergens, nutritional values, ingredients, options and modifiers
  • Tags and virtual categories
  • Availability and visibility options
  • Working hours for the different outlets
  • Languages
  • QR code management with print-ready templates
  • Customer actions
  • Feedback questions and rating options
  • Up-sell and cross-sell options with provided recommended items, ads and item options
  • Customer loyalty programs – promo codes, regular customers
  • Online payments with external providers – Stripe, PayPal
  • Touchscreen kiosk mode
  • Remote orders module with selection for pickup or delivery
  • Registered customers and newsletter signups

What Makes TouchMenu a Unique Hotel Digital Menu platform?

Our philosophy: “Software must be built around the specific needs of the business. The business should not have to adjust to what the software offers.”

The TouchMenu hotel digital menu platform comes packed with features aimed to optimize and improve hotel and staff operations on the one hand, and customers stay on the other. Setup is simple and quick. Our integrations teams can have you up and running in as little as 2 days. Best of all – we follow your brand identity, we use your logo and cover image to provide that immersive digital experience to all your guests.

TouchMenu is digital, eco-friendly and saves you money. While we acknowledge the fact that we cannot (yet) eliminate paper menus entirely, we aim to reduce paper consumption by as much as 85% throughout your venues.

Specific TouchMenu Hotel Digital Menu Platform Applications

Contactless dining experience

Contactless and safe, the TouchMenu hotel digital menu platform is a must-have for your restaurant. Save time on taking out menus and collecting orders. Have the menus available on your guests’ smartphones as soon as they are seated and have them order when they are ready. Boost your average bill amount by as much as 35% by utilizing our built-in up-sell and cross-sell tools. The optional online payments are the natural end of digital dining.

The SPA experience

Our reservations module is built with SPA and wellness centres in mind. It is, however, also applicable to booking a table at the restaurant or reserving a spot on the next diving trip. Time slots are defined according to working hours and procedure duration and availability is updated in real-time after every reservation.

The administration panel lists all reservations in list or calendar views. With various export options, it becomes an essential tool for managing your SPA centre.

The room service experience

In-room dining is among the services that have seen the most increase in usage over the past months. And naturally so. With restaurants working with reduced capacity, customers resorted to room service for their dining needs. Similar to a regular restaurant digital menu, the in-room dining digital menu offers the same set of features plus options to charge it to the room, have it delivered, order for a later date and/or time… all of that without having a dedicated staff member to answer phone calls.

The beach bar experience

The TouchMenu hotel digital menu platform is recommended for venues that span over large areas, such as beach and pool areas, golf courses, open parks and so on. By digitalizing such venues, you will see an immediate increase in sales. Position QR codes on the beach umbrellas, sunbeds, benches or designated ordering areas and let your customers order food and beverage items at their convenience.

Some other cool digital features

  • Interactive hotel/complex maps showing guests current position
  • Dynamic menu item filtering and ordering based on guests’ food preferences and order history
  • Show and recommend top sellers (automatically calculated)
  • Automated reports and statistics
  • Social media integration and content widgets

Next Steps

Are you ready for TouchMenu? Get in touch with us today and let us show you how our hotel digital menu platform can boost your business, increase sales, customer retention and satisfaction rates.

Feel free to check out our website and the Frequently asked questions.

Hotel Digital Menu Platform




Hotel Digital Menu Platform
Hotel Digital Menu Platform
Hotel Digital Menu Platform
Hotel Digital Menu Platform
Hotel Digital Menu Platform
Hotel Digital Menu Platform
Hotel Digital Menu Platform
Hotel Digital Menu Platform



Hotel Digital Menu Platform

Todor Bobev - CEO - TouchMenu – All-in-one Hotel Digital Menu Platform – Orders, Bookings, Customer Loyalty, Analytics

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