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Supplier Details

Body Care Products / Home Fragrances

The Gift Label is an Amsterdam based company that offers original and beautifully designed products that vary from hand – and body care products, home fragrances and candle tins.

Unique designs

The bottles of these products have well-designed labels with funky and sweet captions that make the products eye candy and unique. It is even possible to co-operate on the text or designs together with The Gift Label.

Sustainable products

The products are made with high quality materials. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. The Gift Label uses natural ingredients to take care of your body and the environment.

For home and body

The Gift Label has different lines but the designs of the prints are easily to mix-and-match. The hand- and body care products line consist of a delicious hand soap, hand lotion, hand cream tube, and a body wash, body lotion and body scrub. The home fragrances line offers candle tins, home sprays and reed diffusers. There is even a special developed line for the little ones, a kitchen line and fun greeting cards.

For him and her

The Gift Label recently launched her line for men, consisting of delicious body care products specially designed for him. The look  & feel is fresh and manly and fun to mix with the other products from The Gift Label.






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Lynn Burgman – Owner – The Gift Label

Expert in Body Care Products and Home Fragrances

Lynn Burgman is the young entrepreneur and creative brain behind The Gift Label. She strives to create well-designed and original products. She is always looking for exciting co-operations and gets her ideas for product development from all over the world.



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