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Teflon™ fabric protector is an invisible force field that helps keep items-from apparel and outerwear to bedding and upholstery-free from rain, stains, blemishes and life’s daily mishaps. Textiles treated with Teflon™ fabric protector are easy to clean, easy to care for and help to lower the impact on the environment. Repellent technology used to fight off soil, spills and splashes. Stain release technology helps remove ground-in stains during the wash.

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Hotel Fabric Protector

Protector. Teflon™ texture hotel fabric protector is an imperceptible power field that helps keep things from attire and outerwear to bedding and sans upholstery from downpour, stains, flaws and life’s day by day setbacks. Materials treated with Teflon™ texture defender are anything but difficult to perfect, simple to think about and help to bring down the effect on the earth. Repellent innovation used to fend off soil, spills and sprinkles. Stain discharge innovation enables evacuate to ground in stains during the wash.

We are Chemours. We are a world chief in hotel fabric protector, titanium tech, fluoroproducts and concoction solutions. We are an organization with more than 200 years of history, created from the DuPont execution synthetic compounds organisations. Chemours is an industry chief in brand assurance, with a large number of tests tried yearly so as to enable them to convey the Teflon™ brand.Customers with endorsed textures can get Teflon™ texture defender hangtags.These hangtags help to separate items and sign that the pieces of clothing and texture have satisfied the most noteworthy guidelines for downpour and stain insurance.

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