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Sustainable Hotel Drinking Straws - The Rice Straw

We are a Portuguese-based company that commercialises sustainable hotel drinking straws made of rice. Our mission is to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic in your cups, offering a future-forward alternative for those who love to celebrate life with cool drinks!

Why Should Your Business Choose The Rice Straw?

We see major businesses, food corporations as well as popular restaurant groups joining the anti-plastic straw movement, yet finding the right replacement to eliminate avoidable waste can be challenging… until our sustainable hotel straws!
The Rice Straw provides you with a guilty-free alternative to enjoy your drinks while ricespectfully protecting the planet.

Introducing The Rice Straw, the future-forward drinking straw: the perfect non-harmful single-use product that is biodegradable, eco-friendly and completely free of plastic and gluten.

The Rice Straw is a playful and unique addition to your drinking adventures, turning them stylish, appealing and even more satisfying.

We believe that together we can do better, one sip at the time.

Sustainable Hotel Drinking Straws: The Danger of Plastic

As the EU has voted to ban all single-use plastic by the year 2021, there is an urgent need to break the plastic habit and quickly find sustainable alternatives.

Plastic has been excessively used for years as a cheap solution. However, it is a problematic material that ends up polluting our oceans, putting many species in danger. In most cases, its use is avoidable and can be replaced with more sustainable materials.

The Rice Straw is proud of diving into this mission to help create a greener world, a bluer ocean, all with a happier and more responsible line of sustainable hotel drinking straw.

Sustainable Hotel Drinking Straws: Adding Value to Your Business

These straws were made to change the world while positively impacting your drinking adventures.
Reusable straws are expensive and difficult to clean, paper ones get mushy, and plastic is unsustainable.

The Rice Straw offers a diversity of sustainable hotel drinking straws for long drinks, all in a variety of bright and vibrant colours to match perfectly with your drinks, promising a memorable experience. At the moment, we have four options available: white, yellow, red, and green.
Our product is a festive and playful addition to a craft summer cocktail, a fresh iced drink, or a healthy delicious juice. We offer something for every mood, for everyone, for every occasion.



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