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Sustainable Hotel Amenities - No Ordinary

Sustainability is at the heart of the No Ordinary brand and delivers on all levels including a refillable option. Our premium grade plastic bottles do not leach any chemicals into the liquid and allow the user to refill indefinitely or until bottle is damaged or unusable. The ingredients for our sustainable hotel amenities go further still and are produced by small farming cooperatives and partners with a likeminded attitude are biodegradable and kind to the consumer. The ethos is very clear and by working with companies with a large footprint we can go a long way to reducing climate change and waste.

Vegan Friendly

All of our sustainable hotel amenities are cruelty free and do not contain any animal derivative. No harm comes to any animal including wildlife after the product is washed down the plughole. Our ingredients are 99% natural and at least 75% organic making our product and leader in its field.

Sustainable Hotel Amenities for Guests

Our range includes shampoo and conditioner to suit all hair types with contains aromatherapy oils to give customers a positive mental stimulus to further increase their experience during their stay. Our sustainable hotel amenities really can make a hotel guests day! A hand wash and lotion that protects, cleanses and is antibacterial using natural ingredients and oils. Our bath & body wash and lotion goes that extra mile using aloe vera, petitgrain and coriander our reviews have said it all. Whether the client is relaxing in the bath or simply taking a quick shower, our sustainable hotel amenities provide beautiful aromatherapy scents that are uplifting and thought provoking and will take them on a journey before they start or end the day.


The No Ordinary brand was born from a need to drive home the value of natural, organic hair care and cosmetics. We believe the products people use should be of the highest quality, but affordable and ethically sourced. And we wanted to be sure that the sustainable hotel amenities we use in our own salon stem from this belief.

So we teamed up with some amazing producers to create our own brand built on positivity, quality and sustainability. A brand that helps spread the message of our philosophy – to live a life less ordinary.

Sustainable Hotel Amenities: Hotel Experience

We are a small but experienced and driven company and we use our expertise to ensure that everything we produce is as ethical and effective as it can be. As hair care professionals, we know how to use natural and organic ingredients to achieve healthy results, so you can be sure the No Ordinary range of sustainable hotel amenities are kind to you and kind to the planet.

Most of all, we want to share our experience, not just as hair care professionals but as avid believers in a life less ordinary. We look to spread our message far beyond the walls of our salon, helping future generations build a better tomorrow, starting today.



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Gavin Taylor – Owner – No Ordinary

Expert in Sustainable Hotel Amenities

Gavin has worked as a hairdresser for over 20 years and has used his knowledge of the industry and his personal experience with skin allergies to create this unique brand of guest amenities that he wants to share with the world. Gavin believes in his passion for change and by supplying the hospitality industry he wants his message of change to be heard by all.




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