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Sticktak - Hotel Fabric Prints

Customisable & Removable Hotel Fabric Print for pillows, table maps and event attendees

Sticktak is a unique, innovative & one of its kind alternative-to-print solution. Our sticktaks are very special 100% Removable Hotel Fabric Prints, specially designed to seamlessly integrate with ALL fabric surfaces: clothes, table maps, pillows, sofas etc…
Just Peel & Stick like you would any regular sticker – and you can instantly “print” on any fabric surface. The sticker is 100% removable and will leave even the fussiest of fabric completely residue free.

The product is of true premium quality, printed by the best digital printer for Hotel Fabric Prints, cut thoroughly by laser to achieve maximum precision.
Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and event managers worldwide use sticktaks to brand and personalise their events in ways they couldn’t have before.

Sticktaks as name badges and add-ons for events

Are you tired of using the same old plastic badges as name tags? Are you looking for a branded, innovative and fun experience? Sticktaks are widely being used as name tags at premium events. They are a fun way to extend branding all the way, give the attendees an innovative experience, and the best part is – they always reuse it on their phones, bags or laptops – no one throws away a finely cut Hotel Fabric Print with their name on it. There is nothing like it branding wise…

Want to add a little story telling to your event? Design some cool sticktaks and have your attendees pick one out to say something about themselves and create a great conversation starter.

Complement the holiday spirit with beautiful temporary decorations in ways you couldn’t before

Be it a beautiful Gold Satin Christmas ornament on Christmas or a crazy Love Fest Design for Valentine’s – you can use beautiful designs to decorate sofas, curtains, table maps and more.

Sticktaks enable you to give that extra customised touch to holiday decor with premium designs “printed” everywhere.

Personalise Event tables

Create beautiful branded design with attendee’s names to “print” on table maps in special premium occasions. Your guests will be in awe and we guarantee they will take the Hotel Fabric Print home and reuse it somewhere – your event is sure to be a memorable one!

Hotel Fabric Prints – Staff Uniform

Do you need an affordable way to brand staff uniform with your company/client’s own brand? With sticktak its so easy. Have them all wear white/black and let sticktak provide the extra value – a dedicated logo for the event!

Personalise Guest Rooms – go all the way!

Boutique hotels in search of an amazing way to personalise your guest’s experience? Provide us with your guest list of names and we’ll create beautiful branded sticktaks with guests’ names for you to stick on their pillow in their room! Little Bits like this really make your business stand out with our Hotel Fabric Prints. They will not understand how you their pillow is “printed” with their names!






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