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Better flavour with brilliant hotel cast iron cookware from STAUB.

STAUB is the chef’s choice when it comes to hotel cast iron cookware.

Made in France since 1974, STAUB now graces the kitchens and dining tables of 45% of Michelin starred establishments in France.

STAUB hotel cast iron cookware is durable, reliable and designed for the professional kitchen. Chefs love its versatility; using STAUB in the oven, on the hob – including induction, under the grill and to serve to guests at the table.

The STAUB Hotel Cast Iron Cookware Range

STAUB has a comprehensive cast iron cookware range from mini cocottes, dishes and plates for individual portions and sides to large pots for roasting whole joints of meat or to cook casseroles and curries.

STAUB also has cast iron frying pans, grills, woks and braisers in additional to speciality pieces like mussel pots, fondue, snail dishes and planchas – so whatever’s on your menu, STAUB has the right equipment for you.

Better Flavour with STAUB

Each piece of STAUB has a matte black enamel cooking surface. This rough surface acts like a microgrill and is ideal for searing and frying, giving great caramelization and helping to develop flavour.

The matte black enamel is easy to clean and it doesn’t stain. It’s also scratch resistant, and with use over time, it develops a patina which helps to give the enamel non-stick properties.

The Secret of the STAUB Cocotte

The STAUB cocotte also helps to develop flavour in another way – underside of the flat, heavy lid has small nodules, or picots. When cooking, steam rises and condenses on these picots, ensuring the dish below is continually self-basted as the moisture falls, keeping succulent and full of flavour.

This self-basting system by STAUB retains more moisture and redistributes it more evenly than any competitor.

STAUB Hotel Cookware is Induction Ready

STAUB cast iron hotel cookware can be used on induction hobs. The heat distributes uniformly, preventing hot spots and making for even, reliable cooking results.

STAUB can also be used on all other hob types, including gas, electric and hot plate, as well as in the oven and under the grill.

When served to guests, STAUB retains heat extremely well, keeping the dish hot from the pass to the table and throughout the dining experience.

STAUB – The Hotel Chef’s Choice

All these benefits of using STAUB; the versatility, reliability, durability and the timeless design make STAUB the choice of professionals, whether cooking in a gastro pub or brasserie, right through to fine dining restaurants, hotels and sports stadium hospitality.



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