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Smart Hotel Locks & Contactless Hotel Software - SmartLock

Smart Hotel Locks, Contactless Hotel Software & Cloud Software. Automate your check-in & give your guests contactless access. 50+ PMS integrations.

SmartLock Europe offers a wide range of Wi-Fi & Bluetooth smart hotel locks and software for hotels and accommodation providers. Guests want 24/7 check-in and NO keys! Save time, money, and hassle by managing guest access from our cloud-based software or smartphone apps. We have 50+ PMS/channel manager integrations that automate the whole process. – Open hotel room doors via PIN, Card, Fob, APP, Fingerprint, Key, Mobile & Voice. We sell all over Europe.

Smart Hotel Locks
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Contactless Hotel Software and Smart Hotel Locks with 24/7 Guest Access is the Future

Covid 19 has forever changed the way we work and interact with guests, consider this:

  • Customers want contactless hotel software to provide a contactless solution in order to stay safe.
  • Managing your smart hotel locks from the cloud will transform your operational efficiency.
  • 24/7 Self Check-in is desired by guests and will cut your staffing costs.
  • Guests love not having to worry about keys.
  • No more lost keys improve security.
  • Guest code integration with booking platforms reduces your workload.

Install a smart hotel locks access solution and avoid unnecessary contact, saving you time, money and hassle.

Remotelock OpenEdge

OpenEdge Wi-Fi connected smart hotel locks are built for hotels large and small. Forget keys and give your guests a simple PIN code. No hub or bridge is required, simply connect our smart hotel lock to your Wi-Fi. Locks still operate if the Wi-Fi goes down. We offer battery or mains powered locks. Mobile credentials coming soon.

Edgestate Software & API

Universal access control is about more than locking and unlocking doors β€” it’s about connecting people, properties, and data to the cloud to make managing access easier and more secure than ever. Edgestate features:

  • Manage multiple hotels from one dashboard
  • Unlimited number of rooms
  • Give multiple members of staff full or restricted access to the system
  • Message PIN code instructions to users and guests easily.
  • Real Time Notifications and Event History. Receive email notifications when users use codes.
  • API Access & Webhooks. Custom integration available via the Remotelock API.

PMS & Channel Managers

We are integrated with Airbnb, Guesty, Homeaway, VRBO, Beds24, RoomRaccoon, Supercontrol, Uplisting, ResHarmonics + many more in development. These integrations automate the code generation process.

Smart Hotel Locks – Access Control Systems

We also offer hard-wired smart hotel locks and access control for your main entrance doors. Now you can sync guest codes to multiple doors. Use PIN, prox cards, fobs and mobile credentials.

Smart Hotel Locks



Smart Hotel Locks
Smart Hotel Locks
Smart Hotel Locks
Smart Hotel Locks
Smart Hotel Locks
Smart Hotel Locks
Smart Hotel Locks


Smart Hotel Locks

Stuart Duncan - Owner - SmartLock – Smart Hotel Locks & Contactless Hotel Software

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