Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser for Hotels

SANZi – Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser for Hotels

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Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser for Hotels from SANZi

Providing long lasting, alcohol free sanitiser biotechnologies, SANZi’s mission is to “Protect Your World… For Longer.”

We develop the latest alcohol free sanitiser designed to kill 99.99% of Bacteria and Viruses and continue to offer long-lasting protection. Whether you are looking to protect areas of your property with surface sanitisers or your employees and customers with hand sanitisers, SANZi has long lasting sanitiser biotechnologies to help you get back to business. Our products are internationally certified, many against Coronavirus.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser for Hotels
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Long Lasting, Alcohol Free Sanitiser Biotechnologies - SANZi

Our products are all alcohol free. Why? Because alcohol-based gels and sanitisers work to kill bacteria and enveloped viruses for just a few seconds, they only last until the alcohol evaporates i.e. a couple of seconds. Our alcohol free sanitiser products are different. The active ingredients in SANZi products are the latest generation of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC). This is the most advanced development of a range of chemicals that have been used in healthcare settings for more than 70 years.

Once applied the active ingredients bond to the surface forming a protective microscopic layer that destroys harmful bacteria and enveloped viruses that continue to come into contact with it. The process of destroying pathogens using QAC based products is known as Lysis and will continue until the layer has been removed, which will depend upon a number of environmental factors.

Thanks to the microscopic coating of hands and surfaces SANZi’s long lasting sanitiser products are proven to work for hours. Our hand formula offers protection for over 3 hours and our surface formula for over 24 hours. That means fewer applications needed, less cleaning, less cost and no harming alcohol-based products on guests and colleagues hands.

In lab conditions our solutions are proven to work significantly longer but we firmly believe that safety comes first, therefore we do not exaggerate real world claims. Incorporating SANZi’s alcohol free products into your cleaning routines is the optimal way to protect your facilities, employees and customers.

Alcohol Free Sanitiser Biotechnologies

All SANZi long lasting sanitiser products are alcohol free. SANZi foaming hand sanitisers do not dry out hands like traditional alcohol gels. Instead, they contain a number of plant-derived moisturisers to keep hands hydrated. Additional benefits of our alcohol free sanitiser formulas are that there is no flammability risk for storage or usage and can be used by those whose culture restricts the use of alcohol based products.

Refill Systems

SANZi FOAM and SANZi SPRAY products utilise our refill kits. SANZi can provide refill sachets or even 5L refills. This can significantly reduce the cost of continuing to provide sanitisers and reduce the number of plastics used as existing bottles can be used multiple times. SANZi’s alcohol free sanitiser formulas can also be used as advanced formulas in fogging machines and foaming hand sanitiser dispensers.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser for Hotels





Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser for Hotels

Belinda Collins - Marketing & Sales Director - SANZi – Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser for Hotels

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