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Hospitality Check-In App - Wishbox offered by Room Service Supplies

Wishbox is the guest management app and hospitality check-in app that helps you manage bookings and client services, adding value to their stay and increasing revenue for you. Helping to offset the booking fee taken by agencies and third parties.

Wishbox is affordable even for the smallest B&B being based on a simple subscription month by month, and only on rooms that are booked. Designed to save you time and money. Giving you back control from the minute a booking is made.
The perfect aid for helping you manage the Covid restrictions, efficiently helping overcome staff shortages whilst building a more lucrative relationship with clients.
All in the palm of your hand.

Supplier Details

Hospitality Check-In App - Wishbox offered by Room Service Supplies

Wishbox online check-in App features

Features include:

  • Collect guest’s details efficiently and easily.
  • E-signature – Document scan – Deposit collection – Pay for stay -Authority forms all in one place, properly signed and validated proving a stay and reducing the potential for dispute
  • Online Check-in + Check-out – Arrival & Departure co-ordination.
  • Fully automated communication with your guest to advise about things to do, places to visit and even arrange revenue sharing experiences for your customers, enhancing their stay and the depth of their experience
  • Auto translations – Clear communication with foreign visitors.
  • A white label product for branding & theming for your unique needs.
  • Increase the room revenue with automated upsell opportunities.
  • Access to your house manual – No need for print.
  • Pre-checkout wizard enables you to collect reviews that show a guest needs your attention & fast track to glowing reports direct to the ratings sites.
  • FULL integration with your PMS.

Plus many, many more automated assets, to assist you.

Contact us for full details or a demo.

Wishbox – Solving hospitality problems

Everybody is learning to embrace the ‘New Normal’ and Wishbox offers the hospitality industry the ability to make lasting improvements to an industry that is having to change. Once using Wishbox, you will never look back.

The dominance of the booking sites can mean you being locked out of vital relationship building with your guests, this easy to use App will help you overcome that.

Wishbox is a comprehensive software that will not only help you manage the guests effectively, but subtly increase the room revenue by offering upsells on service and supplies.

Most people rely on their phones for pretty much everything these days, so why not booking management too? Let Wishbox become a virtual member of staff, that can be present when you are unable to be.

The Wishbox App will collect all the necessary details you need, covering all eventualities and the guest will have everything they require in the palm of their hand. Reducing the stress & uncertainty of booking for you and your guest and having information available, anytime, on tap, for the guest.

The accommodation can be ready and waiting for the guest whilst they rest assured that everything they have asked for will be taken care of.

Wishbox – Increasing room revenue & guest experience

Increasing room revenue, currently demands focussed personal interaction to build a sufficiently strong relationship with a guest to make the most of every sales opportunity.

Wishbox is programmed to upsell for you, offering:

  • Room Upgrades
  • Early check-in & late check-out
  • Limousine and taxi services
  • Bag storage
  • Strategic revenue earning relationships with nearby attractions, theme parks, restaurants, travel bookings etc.
  • Extra cleaning or linen – pre-selected Room Service items and so on, whatever you can imagine can be catered for.

All opportunities delivered via Wishbox offer the potential for you to generate additional revenue, up to 5 times that of the of the room charge. All automated and gently presented to engage the guest in ways that enhance their stay and experience.
Your bespoke selections are delivered using your branding to build their experience.

Wishbox – Increase your revenue

Wishbox more than pays for itself from incremental sales. FAST! Add to this the efficiencies gained through simple and effective management of the guest check-in process. From identity checks to deposit taking & agreement to terms and conditions. All automated to save you time and ensure a proper relationship footing. In this way you can calculate the return on investment really easily.
Looking at the bottom line from both revenue and cost the decision becomes even easier to make; your chief financial officer will love Wishbox!

Win, win, win and your money back (many times over).

Wishbox – How do I sign up?

The simple subscription model makes onboarding straightforward, so you can be up and running in just a few hours integrated easily with existing PMS systems. Wishbox rapidly justifies a return on extremely modest spend.
From Just $5.00 – £3.75 – €4.20 per month per actively occupied room, AND you can have a FREE 10 day trial without giving a credit card. By the way….if you have a many hundreds of rooms Wishbox will adapt to fit your needs without fixed charges, just the standard subscription model.

Simple, easy, adaptable; value for money!




Hospitality Check-In App
Hospitality Check-In App
Hospitality Check-In App



Hospitality Check-In App

Nigel Booth - Room Service Supplies – Wishbox – Hospitality Online Check-In App

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