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Outsourced Revenue Management, Revenue Management Consulting, Revenue Management for Hotels

berner+becker believe that every hotel should have access to great revenue management! We offer highly qualitative tailor-made revenue management for hotels, performed by experienced professionals with a clear focus of driving bottom line results. With more than 50 clients throughout Europe, we have delivered RevPar growth of 15% on average by strongly believing in the concept of human brainpower and technology going hand in hand to drive commercial success. Let our cost-efficient outsourced revenue management solution be the key of your own success story!

Outsourced Revenue Management for Hotels

With our outsourced revenue management option, we are reacting to the shortage of qualified revenue managers in the market and providing a real alternative to hiring your own revenue manager. We will handle your complete day-to-day revenue management, from pricing, distribution and forecasting, right down to the ad-hoc group quotation after it has arrived at your reservation agent’s desk. Just like your own employee, only remote.

Our experience with several hotel chains and independent hotels has shown that remote revenue management for hotels is as successful and efficient as having your own revenue manager on site. Using webinars and video calls we ensure easy, clear and effective communication with you. Prior to and throughout the entire process we will regularly review the situation and strategic alignment with the key management team on site. That way you will always stay in charge and take part in the decisions taken for your hotel.

We guarantee that your outsourced revenue management will always be handled by experts who are the best in their field and have shown successful results in the various markets they have previously worked in. There are no exceptions.

Revenue Management for Hotels

Revenue Management Consulting

Our three consultancy models are here to help you reach the optimal level of performance, in both profitable revenues and revenue management techniques. Whether you already utilise revenue management or you want to start applying it now, you have found the right partner.

Revenue Management Projects
Based on your identified needs, we will help you with our knowledge and expertise to execute projects targeted to exceed your goals. This could be anything from enhancing your online distribution, optimising your revenue management for hotels system, and improving your fair and event strategies among many others.

Revenue Management for Hotels

Revenue Management Audit
The revenue management audit aims to optimise your current revenue management strategies. In a thorough 3 step analysis we will identify one or several key areas with potential revenue opportunities and areas for improvement, all focused on bottom line impact. Once the areas have been identified, we will define specific projects with you to move forward with.

Revenue Management for Hotels

Revenue Management Implementation
Whether you are in the pre-opening phase or you want revenue management to become part of your existing business, correctly implementing revenue management for hotels from the beginning is essential. Crucially, it needs to be tailored to the needs of each individual hotel and this is where we bring the expertise to the table.

Revenue Management Training

With many years of training experience for both large hotel chains and independent hotels, we believe transmission of knowledge and education of key staff in hotels is crucial, and it is intimately linked to our vision and belief that every hotel should have access to great revenue management. Irrespective of how good the tools and systems are, revenue management is performed by people and can only be executed well if the decision makers possess the right knowledge and competencies to do so.

Despite being a vital part of a successful hotel operation, we feel that the practise of revenue management for hotels is still not taught enough in universities, internal company training, apprenticeships or in the job itself. Therefore we have created various training sessions and seminars which will ensure that you and your staff make better revenue decisions moving forward.

Our training sessions comprise every aspect of revenue management that we would implement for our clients. We want to create an environment where your employees understand revenue management as we believe this is an important step in creating a revenue culture within your company.

Anyone can book our revenue management for hotels training! Whether you are an independent hotel, a large corporation, or even a university, you have found the right partner. Our training packages can be conducted in English or German and we will happily come to you to hold a training of your choice.





Veit Meier – Director of Operations & Development – berner+becker

Expert in Revenue Management for Hotels

Veit is a passionate hotelier who has since been a leading part of several highly successful commercial teams in various upscale and luxury hotel groups in Europe, most recently coming from Hilton. His mission is to translate his vast experience into consistent and valuable best practices for the broader hospitality industry.

Pontus Berner – Co-Founder & Managing Partner – berner+becker

Expert in Revenue Management for Hotels

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Pontus settled down in Germany in 2011. He took on various leading roles in revenue management for big international hotel brands. Using his experience, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial mindset and set up berner+becker with his co-founder Lars Becker. With his visionary approach he ensures to keep creativity and growth a priority for the company.



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