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Staff Management Software for Hotels

Simpler admin, better comms & happier staff with our Staff Management Software for Hotels

Easy-to-use and flexible hotel staff management software, Planday enables more efficient work with better communication, smarter scheduling and seamless tracking and reporting from a network of employee-focused integrations.

In reducing administrative barriers, we help businesses grow, saving time and money so they can focus on what matters most.

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Staff Management Software for Hotels from Planday

Staff Management Software for Hotels – Smarter scheduling that saves you time and money

Manual rotas are a nightmare for every business that relies on shiftworkers. It’s hard to have get an overview, sort people by skillset or see who is available for a shift. It’s a waste of your time and costs you money.

Planday’s smart hotel staff management software empowers your employees with open communication, shift swapping and bidding for open shifts – all while the intelligent tracking allows you to better manage costs. It reduces manual mistakes and takes the guesswork out of creating rotas so you can concentrate on what really matters – delivering the best possible customer experiences.

HR, absence and holiday tracking in one place

In a busy hotel like yours, keeping track of contracts, vacation leave and absence is a real challenge. This can cost your business thousands in wasted hours and demotivate staff who can’t track their leave simply.

Planday’s GDPR-compliant hotel staff management software stores contracts in the cloud, seamlessly tracking absence and calculating accrued vacation so you and your staff have a clear overview. No more need for payroll to sort through paper contracts, no more hours lost in calculating staff leave – just transparent tracking so you’re on the same page.

Control your costs with better data

With many staff across different locations, tracking labour costs in hotels can be a real struggle. Margins are already small in the industry, so you need the best data possible to control your costs.

Smarter time-tracking – with a location-enabled ‘punch in’ feature when someone’s shift starts or finishes – saves you money with correct payroll data for every employee. Other smart functions allow you to manage costs as shifts and seasons change. With a range of seamless integrations to leading payroll providers, a task that used to take you days can now be done in minutes. You save time and your staff are paid correctly. Better data means smarter business decisions.

Open communication that keeps everyone informed

As a hotel manager, it’s stressful being in too many group chats. Sometimes you’re not sure the right people are in the right group or that everyone has seen what you have sent. This can cost your business money and frustrate you and your staff.

Planday streamlines communication to keep everyone informed, with multiple ways to save you time and save your business money. No more hours spent trying to track down the right person for a task, no more confusion in who is turning up for a shift. Just easy and seamless communication so you can focus on your business instead.

Hotel Staff Management Software – Happy employees make a happy business

Guest experiences are more important than ever before, and good service is what can set your hotel apart from the competition. Better reviews and experiences mean your hotel can make more money – it’s people that make the difference. At the same time, good staff have never been easier for your competitor to poach, leaving you short at every shift.

But using Planday, you can embrace flexibility, open communication and correct pay and time tracking, boosting your employee engagement and looking after the staff who make your hotel a success – which keeps them around for much longer. In turn, your guests get better service and are more likely to return and recommend your hotel to others. Show your people they matter and embrace flexibility and transparency with Planday’s hotel staff management software

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Hotel Staff Management Software

Oskar Karlsson - Sales Manager UK & France - Planday – Staff Management Software for Hotels

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