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Personalised Product Consultants - Personalised Hotel Products

A bespoke service for personalizing your own sugar.

Why use us? Because we are unlike any sugar supplier you will ever meet. As an independent company we go out of our way to provide a fully bespoke service from artwork to world wide deliveries. Our specialist service is used by companies in Bahrain, Dubai, Ireland, Malta, Los Angeles and in the UK. We offer the UK’s largest range of personalised sugar packaging for restaurants, hotels, and Corporate events. Our book ‘The Supreme Sugar Service’ is available free to buyers. We aim to be number 1 in Personalised Hotel Products.

Personalised Sugar Cubes

Due to the health hazards in offering unwrapped sugar cubes we are producing more orders for sugar cubes that can have personalized wrappers. We can offer both white and brown sugar cubes that are single or double cubes in each wrapper. Examples can be viewed within the sugar cube gallery on our website. We are a top provider regarding Personalised Hotel Products.

Personalised Hotel Products – The full sugar range

We offer a wide range of white and brown sugar in both sticks and sachets. The sticks can be round sticks, flat sticks or long thin sticks. The sachet range includes rectangular, square, heart shape, house shaped or flat/round shapes and Pyramid shapes.

Personalised Sugar Dispenser Boxes

These are ideal for cafes, hotels and restaurants where the gravity feed dispensers can be placed next to the serving area where tea and coffee is being prepared. The dispensers can be filled with either a quantity of 250 white / brown sugar personalized paper sticks or packed with 100 personalised paper or clear film sugar sachets.

Personalised Hotel Products – Innovative and unusual sugar packaging

This is where we stand out from our competitors.

We offer flat round sugar sachets that could be used for sporting events and venues with an image of a football, golf ball, tennis ball or cricket ball on one side of the sachet and branding of a club or event on the reverse side. If you are a food outlet a pizza image on one side and branding on the reverse side. We area a reliable and top Personalised Hotel Products.When a restaurant group in Manchester wanted something different, we filled both white and brown sugar in Heart Shaped sachets. If you are store group with products linked to the home why not consider our ’house’ shaped sachets.

Sweeteners too!

In addition to sugar we also offer personalized sweetener. Your options are fine granular format or tablet format packed in personalized sachets or sticks.


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