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Custom Sustainable Paper Products & Notebooks

Paper on the Rocks uses tree-free paper alternatives to produce custom sustainable paper products like menus, maps, flyers, brochures or guides, gifts and more. Sustainable stone paper is waterproof by nature and made without using trees, polluting toxins or water. It is produced from stone waste materials with a CO2 footprint that is three times smaller than traditional paper! Stone paper is durable and its high-end finish makes it ideal for any use.

Sustainable Paper Alternatives

Paper on the Rocks designs and produces almost anything made from paper alternatives for the hotel industry. We offer stone paper and leaf paper products, both are tree-free and eco-friendly.

Paper on the Rocks aims to change the paper industry by offering alternatives that use no trees or harmful toxins in the production. For stone paper, not a single drop of water is used and both alternatives use a waste material to create a new high-end product! The offset printing process only uses vegetable-based inks.

Sustainable Stone Paper Products and Rockbooks

Possibilities for stone paper are endless, they include maps, menus, badges, brochures, books and booklets, guides, programs and customized stationary such as Rockbooks.

Stone paper is waterproof by nature and tear-resistant. Its durable qualities and high-end finish makes it ideal for both inside and outside use. Various sizes and weights available. The most sustainable lamination is used, as well as inks based on vegetable oils only.

Your hotel can now switch to stone paper stationary, custom notebooks or menus, which are especially economical for higher volumes. It sends a message of consciousness to the guests, or any other user, really.

Sustainable Leaf Paper Products and Leafbooks

Leaf paper appeals to an eco-minded audience, as the natural fibers show in the paper. It is made from agricultural waste, which means that no trees are cut down for production. Leaf paper can be used to create customized stationary such as Leafbooks, though many other use cases are possible.

Customize your Stationary, Menus or Brochures

Please get in touch to discuss the options to switch to sustainable paper alternatives for your maps, guides, notebooks, menus, booklets or anything else!






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