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Our House of Spice - Hotel Catering Spice Kits

Our House of Spice is co-owned by two sisters, Julia and Nadia Latif. The award winning duo specialise in authentic Indian hotel catering spice kits which are based on their traditional family recipes.
Recently, Our House of Spice have launched a range of Hotel Catering Spice Kits which are suitable for the food service industry. They are already proving to be a popular choice with hotels and restaurants across the country.

Catering Spice Kits

Our House of Spice are proud to showcase their range of Authentic Indian Hotel Catering Spice Kits.

The range includes their signature Masala Curry, Tarka Dhal (Red Lentil Curry) and Keema (Minced Beef Curry).
Each Catering Kit includes:

  • 6 Catering Kits
  • Over 100 portions (depending on the serving size).
  • An easy to follow family recipe.
  • At least 9 months shelf life.
  • Tamper proof container.

Hotel Catering Spice Kits Range

The current range of Authentic Indian Spice Kits includes:

Masala Curry:

  • A delicate blend of 8 different herbs and spices.
  • Can be made with any red/white meat, game, fish or chunky vegetables.
  • Vegan friendly

Keema (Minced Beef Curry):

  • Spices are added to minced beef to create this flavorful curry.
  • Chefs can add green beans and other vegetables for a different texture.

Tarka Dhal (Red Lentil Curry)

  • Cumin seeds and spices are added to red lentils, garlic and onions.
  • Vegan friendly.

Popular, Quick and Easy to Use

As one of the few UK based companies offering Hotel Catering Spice Kits – the range is in demand in many restaurants and hotels. One particular establishment served over 5kg of the Masala Curry dish in 2 days and received very positive reviews.

The Authentic Indian Spice Kits also save chefs time as all the spices are contained in one easy to use cellophane sachet. The spices are also added in one step.

Chefs can also experiment with different ingredients to tailor make the Indian dishes to their customers own taste.


One of the main reasons the Catering Spice Kits have proved so popular is due to their authenticity.

Julia & Nadia’s family hail from North India and they have traced their traditional recipes back over 200 years. It is these recipes which feature in the Hotel Catering Spice Kits, completely authentic Indian Spice Kits.

Responsibly Sourced

The spices used in the range are responsibly sourced from reputable spice suppliers.

The authentic Indian spice kits are also Gluten Free and Free From any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.




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