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Hotel Digital Menu Systems

Ordamo offers world-class hotel digital menu systems for hospitality operators looking to increase sales by providing an interactive menu experience for customers. Our digital tablet based menus will replace your paper menus forever.

Our four software modules – Customer, Waiter, Self-Service & Restaurant Management have all been meticulously designed to deliver a holistic customer experience, whilst driving restaurant profitability and objectives.

Hotel Digital Menu Systems Features

Recent studies have proven that table-top systems technology will:

  • Increase average spend and drive incremental increases in revenue.
  • Get meaningful insights to improve your guests’ experience.
  • Improve guest loyalty and engagement.
  • Reduce guest turn times.

Ordamo hotel dining menu systems will transform your business and deliver up to a 600% ROI.

Welcome to the future of dining.

Our digital, tablet-based menu will replace paper menus forever! The customer tablet menu is the foundation of the Ordamo system. As an operator, you can now present your customers with an interactive ordering system, which in turn will provide you with measurable, valuable insights into their buying behaviours, together with feedback on their experience with you. Most importantly, the tablet menu can integrate straight to your EPoS system.



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