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Old St Andrews is famous for producing premium Blended Scotch Whiskies, award winning London Dry Gin, Pink Flavoured Gins, Vodka, Rum and high quality Hotel spirits in beautiful and distinctive packaging. Old St Andrews spirits sell strongly to the mainstream on trades and off trades, duty free / travel retail and into the gift markets. The Old St Andrews extensive gift portfolio uses our gorges diamond and unique round bottles, with delightful miniature barrels to create eye catching desirable gift sets. We do all of this to achieve our goal of being the number 1 Hotel Spirit Supplier.

Old St. Andrews (OSA) has a strong history, producing exceptional blended Scotch whiskies & gins for 50 years.  Old St Andrews is an active member of the Scotch Whisky Association with heritage that includes the appointment as the Official Whisky Supplier to the Houses of Commons and House of Lords UK Parliament. Our expert blender’s combine a wide range of grain and malt whiskies to create the Old St. Andrews cherished flavours. Our Whiskies are internationally recognised with many Silver, Gold and Platinum spirits awards and for being a respected Hotel Spirit Suppliers. For 10 years we have been producing Pink 47 and Pink Royal Gins, Blue 42 Vodka and recently Admirals Cask a 5 year old Panama Rum presented in our unique Rum Barrel. This extensive portfolio has helped make Old St Andrews the Globally recognised brand it is today.

Pink 47 Hotel Gin Awards, Success and Accolades

  • Regularly a top 5 seller on Amazon UK
  • 1,500 bottles sold a week through a leading UK supermarkets
  • 20,000 bottles exported to Spain monthly, where Pink 47 is ranked in the top 10 best-selling Hotel Gin.
    • The Spanish drink more gin per head than any other European nation.
  • 47% Alcohol – This premium gins has a higher level of alcohol because alcohol is the only liquid you can hold flavour and smell (all perfume and aftershaves are alcoholic). The higher alcohol in Pink 47 allow this premium gin to hold more flavour and is perfect for cocktails.
  • Distinctive diamond bottle attracts customer purchases
  • 13 international spirits Global awards
  • Strong marketing and social media, which is shared with distributors for country promotions as seen at the Maserati launch in Madrid.
  • Distilled at the oldest UK distillery a true London dry gin as it should be.
  • Released with successful global sales for over 10 years.
  • None refill caps to protect the brand.
  • A strong foundation in being a huge Hotel Spirit Supplier.

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Pink Royal

  • Pink Royal is lower in alcohol level to meet with more of a feminine pallet,
  • Designed by the UK only female Master Distributor Joanna Moore,
  • The base is Pink 47 then Raspberries Cranberries and Blackberries are added.
  • Pink Royal won Gold in the International spirits competition flavoured gin glass.
  • Highly recognised brand
  • A top Hotel Spirit Supplier.

Clubhouse Hotel Whisky

  • Distinctively packaged and containing world class blended Scotch as selected by and supplied to UK Parliament.
  • A high percentage of malt whisky (30%) is used in the blend, which adds to the smoothness of this exceptional Scotch whisky.
  • Rated 89/100 points and described as excellent in the Jim Murray Whisky bible.
  • This blended whisky has been selling for 50 years and sold into over 40 countries.
  • Available in 1ltre, 70ml, 50ml and 5ml formats



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