Ocean Themed Luxury Decor / Bespoke Hotel Tableware / Nature Decor for Hotels

Taku+Taku – Ocean Themed Luxury Decor / Bespoke Hotel Tableware / Nature Decor for Hotels

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Ocean Themed Luxury Decor / Bespoke Hotel Tableware / Nature Decor for Hotels

We are a collaboration of two artist-designers that print the natural world and transform those prints into bespoke, sustainable, heirloom quality products and ocean themed luxury decor.

Bespoke hotel tableware featuring octopus, cushions featuring yellowfin tuna, wallpaper with cherry blossoms or wood rings and mahi on bedlinen.

We create original art and turn this into patterns that are applied to nature decor for hotels. We can create prints and products especially for you, or you can choose from our ready to order signature collections.

This is as authentic as it gets, our art is not just inspired by nature, it is printed directly from nature itself.

You don’t have to see the process to fully appreciated it, but when you do… wow, what a story you will have to tell!  Though this old Japanese process traditionally prints fish, we have extended it to capture more of the natural world from sea creatures to trees, food to flowers.

Elegant, timeless, stunning, stylish and totally unique.

Bespoke Hotel Tableware
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Taku+Taku - Ocean Themed Luxury Decor / Bespoke Hotel Tableware / Nature Decor for Hotels

It all starts with our art….. art from nature, not just of nature.

From English made fine bone china to linen lampshades, from cushions to curtains, we create coordinated looks based on our original art around your theme.

Using the old Japanese art form of gyotaku, or fish rubbing, we print the natural world. From sea creatures to trees to flowers, if we can source it we can print it, then we can make those prints into a wide variety of patterns that can feature on any product.

With connections to fishermen in Europe and North America, we can source a wide variety of sea creatures, heck, we even fish some of them ourselves, and with the ability to travel to any location and print local flora and fish, you can be sure that nobody else has a product like the one we will create for you.

Using our backgrounds in art & design and as experts in printing and decorating of bespoke hotel tableware, we work with selected craftspeople to make the prints come alive on products.  All of our manufacturing partners are expert in what they do, connected to their location through history and local natural resources, like birch plywood products from the forests of Sweden and bone china from it’s traditional home in Staffordshire England, we work to find the right producers for our, your, products.

We strive to work with smaller speciality manufacturers, small enough to be flexible and work directly with us and big enough to work at scale, but always with an ethical mindset, sustainable manufacturing practises and superior quality that is made to last.

From our island homes in Scandinavia and the Florida Keys, we understand the vacation mindset, the need for familiar yet surprising surroundings, the desire for an extra luxurious touch and a wish to connect with the place they are visiting.

Our studios in Islamorada, Florida and Bornholm, Denmark allow us to interact directly with consumers to stay ahead of trends and ideas, but the timeless look of our work allows people to make a deep connection with it.

We create prints and ocean themed luxury decor that are bespoke to you and your location, always of the highest quality and sustainably made for all of our peace of minds.  We also offer signature collections of ready to order prints and nature decor for hotels with everlasting elegant themes.

Nature never goes out of style!


A nature fix

We all benefit from a nature fix; it benefits our mind, body, and spirit. Scientifically!

The octopus found hiding under the pier, the Spring blossoms that stopped you mid conversation, the tuna you hooked on your first cast, the forest that helped you to breathe for a moment. Ocean life, plants, trees—they all embed such strong impressions in us that the story of that connection stays with us longer after the encounter.

At TAKU+TAKU we thrive on being in nature, studying the beauty of nature and we delight in bringing some home with us.  This desire to fill our homes with the irresistible treasures found in nature has compelled us, as artists and designers, to find ways of bringing our encounters with the natural world to our interiors, in an elegant, enduring and practical way.

Fine Japanese Artform

By faithfully practicing the Japanese art form of Gyotaku (gyo=fish, taku=rubbing) we meticulously capture the intricate details of the natural world in our designs.  With this traditional technique, we infuse our creations with a unique blend of original artistry and reverence for nature, elevating each piece of ocean themed luxury decor to a work of timeless beauty.

The Art of Nature for you

We now bring this alluring way of capturing and immersing ourselves in nature to the hospitality world.   When you integrate TAKU+TAKU products into your interior, you’re not just adding nature decor for hotels —you’re curating a memory-evoking experience for your customers.

Our Commitments

Our commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship drives us in our boutique business, but our passion goes beyond mere aesthetics.  We pride ourselves on creating bespoke hotel tableware products that are refined yet durable.  Every cushion, plate, and print is crafted with integrity, using materials and processes that respect the environment.

More than just Decor

Our creations reflect the timeless beauty of nature, remaining as authentic and connected as the patterns, textures, and stories that inspire them.  It’s more than just decoration; it’s a narrative woven into the fabric of your hotel, resort, restaurant or home.  A journey into the heart of shared memories and timeless narratives.

TAKU+TAKU:  Where artistry meets hospitality, and every piece recalls a story. naturally.

Nature Decor for Hotels



Ocean Themed Luxury Decor
Bespoke Hotel Tableware
Nature Decor for Hotels
Ocean Themed Luxury Decor
Bespoke Hotel Tableware
Nature Decor for Hotels



Jessica Felby / Lisa Lee Herman - Co-founders: Artist-Designers - Taku+Taku – Ocean Themed Luxury Decor / Bespoke Hotel Tableware / Nature Decor for Hotels

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