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Naomi Fitness Design - Hotel Complete Gym Design

Naomi Fitness are specialists in Hotel Complete Gym Design amongst many other fitness-related areas. Meet three fitness professionals that once upon a time had set out with one idea in mind: to create a valuable and prolific functional fitness product that spans the entire spectrum of fitness. The team recognised an opportunity to create a hotel functional fitness zone that provides unique attributes to better meet customer needs than many look-alike products on the market. By maintaining an efficient and buoyant business structure, we are able to be focused on listening to customers and reacting quickly with creative, innovative ideas that differentiate our products with meaningful functions and features.

Naomi Fitness Design mission is to provide the world’s best and most state-of-the-art hotel functional fitness equipment for people of all ages and activity levels who aspire to live stronger and play harder and better.

Our pool of associates and references are extensive. They range from privately held corporations, inclusive of some of the most recognisable fitness chains, all the way down to public schools and colleges as well as armed services throughout the world. Our products can be found in across 6 continents:

  • Ciccone Family Fitness – USA
  • Xtreme Fitness – Poland
  • Fitness Plus – Switzerland
  • Switzerland Army Training Academy
  • XTRAFIT – Germany
  • Vision Body – Germany
  • Mickey Edwards Training Academy- UK
  • Nolan Health & Center Enniscorthy – Ireland
  • Health City Fitness & More – Italy
  • Anytime Fitness – Spain
  • Sarl Fitness Club – France
  • Royal Danish Military Academy – Denmark
Hotel Complete Gym Design
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The Hotel Gym is an extension of the hotel’s nature rather than the ordinary gym.

Thorough hotel complete gym design provides hoteliers opportunity to gain and sustain new clients.

A unique gym gives clients extra reason to choose your hotel over others; that’s why installing remarkable gym in your hotel is hard to overestimate.

Hotel complete gym design should offer experiences that are unique and a little more unusual in comparison to the big-gym corporates. You could include room equipment that other large company gyms may not have such as suspended hammocks for aerial yoga..

There are lots of little extra traits that make a gym unique feel at negligible cost: cold face towels, scented candles, bowls of fruits to mention but a few examples.

We divided this complex process into single, easy to manage stages:

  • Feasibility & Pre-Planning
  • Advanced Design
  • Realization Assistance
  • Operational Manuals and Preopening

If you would like advice on designing and running a gym for your hotel, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Marek Brzózka CEO

Phone: +48 881 912 539

E-mail: [email protected]


Naomi Fitness Design is proud to introduce a brand new hotel functional fitness rig line called the CUBE. The CUBE is a pioneering modular construction with an emphasis on maximising the overall workout space, while providing the end user with the exhaustive  benefits of functional fitness training. The collective design of the CUBE is brawny and robust which implies strength, fortitude, and power. To ensure the users of total safety while working out, the CUBE utilizes thick support beams for added stability  of the construction. The CUBE’S non-obtrusive design symbolises an undiminished functionality, while seamlessly combining all the elements with aestheticism of modern day conception of what hotel functional fitness should be.


One of the latest additions to Naomi Fitness Design’s line of products is the Suspension Bridge. This particular line is geared toward the suspension training enthusiasts that enjoy a full body weight workout. The Suspension Bridge is the most advanced rig in its’ class, offering the user a myriad of suspension based workouts-and beyond. Naomi Fitness Design has added dimensionality that includes strength and agility based exercises. Piece de resistance is a rig that boldly ventures beyond the standards of body-weight training, making the Suspension Bridge an instant client favourite.


After the success of the company’s indoor versions, Naomi Fitness Design created a hotel outdoor gym model. All of the constructions can be made in two versions: for the budget conscious buyer – a galvanised version, and for the more upscale experience – stainless steel option may be chosen. Whichever option you decide on, know that we manufacture from the highest quality steel that allows you to achieve the maximum strength of the product – regardless whether you’re in sunny Los Angeles or icy Oslo, or perhaps in the rain – soaked region of United Kingdom.

Hotel Complete Gym Design



Hotel Complete Gym Design
Hotel Complete Gym Design
Hotel Complete Gym Design
Hotel Complete Gym Design
Hotel Complete Gym Design


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