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Supplier Details

Hotel Menu Cases and Covers

Producer of menu covers, menu cases and other hospitality products

Menu Shop is the leading supplier to the hospitality trade including restaurants, hotels, cafes & bars and much more!

We deliver innovative and creative menu presentation products that meet the needs of customers across the world. 

We have grown from humble beginnings in the early 90s with a few simple menu ranges to today offering over 30 different menu ranges in many different materials together with a wide range of menu cases and other display products.

We make fully personalised products

Behind every successful company are the staff who make it all possible and it is no different at MenuShop.

Our knowledgeable customer service team are crucial in helping customers find the right products and guiding them through the various options we have to offer.

Similarly, our graphics/development team work tirelessly in maintaining our market-leading websites and creating logos and design ideas to ensure that we stay at the forefront of our profession.

We help you create spectacular logos and designs

The development and marketing teams ensure that our websites are always updated and with a design that allows our customers to make their purchases in an easy and quick manner.

We also try to be always active in social networks so that our followers discover the latest trends in hospitality products.

And in the background our skilled production teams and administration departments are vital to ensuring that both products and paperwork are prepared in an efficient and professional manner. 



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