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For the past 18 years MAISON&OBJET has kept up with the pace of fashion houses to present all the latest fashion and home trends. In January and September each year, at the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre, the trade show brings together market leaders and emerging talent from the international creative professions, working in the fields of interior design, product design, interior architecture, art of living and home styling.

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MAISON&OBJET - Hotel Architectural Design

For as far back as 18 years MAISON&OBJET has stayed aware of the pace of design houses to display all the most stylish trend and home patterns. In January and September every year, at the Paris-Nord Villepinte presentation focus, the public exhibition unites showcase pioneers and developing ability from the global imaginative callings, working in the fields of inside structure, item plan, inside engineering, craft of living and home styling. We aim to give you the best experience in Hotel Architectural Design.

MAISON&OBJET adds to the development of home style. Presently a key exchange occasion, it unites every one of the statements of worldwide plan in Paris two times every year.

Interdisciplinarity and quality in inside design

Key topics of the MAISON&OBJET determination, interdisciplinarity and quality are placed into point of view by an offer portioned into different segments and shows enhancing the participation of retail buyers (64% of guests) and specifiers (36% of guests), both from France (53.7% of guests) and abroad (46.3% of guests).

At the core of the message, MAISON&OBJET investigates the expansive range of motivations that feed into the fields of inside structure and extras, through the varied and socially differing universes of ethnic chic-MIC (lobby 1), material (corridor 2), la table (corridor 3), côté déco (showcase pioneers, appeal and contemporary patterns on offer in lobbies 4, 5A and 5B) and accessoires maison (moving, l’enfant, objet de mode and Fragrance and Spa in corridor 6), the most recent part to experience a significant change this session, with Zoom. Committed to give you the best in Hotel Architectural Design.

Expressions and artworks for producers, merchants, originators and shippers

Related to expressions of the human experience and artworks zone, the show saved for craftspeople, MAISON&OBJET unites producers, merchants, architects and shippers from around the globe to set out a scope of recommendations in accordance with the aggregate want for individualisation.

In accordance with this methodology, in lobbies 7 and 8 the coordinators have set up a focal point of magnificence with items that are primarily gone for specifiers and specialty merchants working intimately with extravagance. Scènes d’intérieur and now! structure à vivre are ordinary central focuses for the segment, while MAISON&OBJET | projets |, committed to inside engineering, and MAISON&OBJET OUTDOOR_INDOOR, focusing this year on outside indoor plan, are explicit to the September session. We want to be the top in Hotel Architectural Design.

Imaginative inside plan parts – Hotel Architectural Design

Since the initiation of lobby 7, corridor 6 has turned into a lobby of change between the inside plan segments of MAISON&OBJET and the focal point of greatness shaped by the scènes d’intérieur, MAISON&OBJET | projets |, presently! structure à vivre and MAISON&OBJET OUTDOOR_INDOOR public expos.

It speaks to a physical connection, yet in addition, for buyers, a fascination that straightforwardly supplements their quest for new items and motivation. The dispatch of Zoom, the new themed pathway, and the formation of new isolated zones will give better perceivability to the bounty of inventiveness in proof all through the lobby.

This is unquestionably the zone containing the most youthful originators and totally new recommendations, with 200 new exhibitors being presented this session. Different insights affirm the abundance and dynamism of the lobby, for example, the way that 90% of stands in the objet de mode territory are little stands devoted to architects.

Devoted spaces and administrations for specifiers and wholesalers

Encouraging and enhancing the visit of specifiers and wholesalers is a key need for the coordinators of MAISON&OBJET. Committed pathways, spaces and administrations have in this way been made, in relationship with the gathering arrangement which has supplemented the public exhibition’s substance for quite a long while now. We want you to experience top class Hotel Architectural Design.

Business Lounge for systems administration and gatherings

An inviting space devoted to systems administration and conferences, the Business Lounge, situated inside the contemporary surroundings of coté déco ACTUEL in corridor 5B, is the gathering place for specifiers. In an exceptionally uncommon condition, they profit by a customized administration to encourage first experience with 400 exhibitors that are credited the “extraordinary archi.designer” name.

From their pre-enlistment, inside originators, inside modelers, item architects, style planners, chiefs of offices, inns and cafés can come and mastermind individual gatherings with exhibitors legitimately associated with their regions of enthusiasm, just as specifiers from the public expo’s different segments.

The Business Lounge is additionally sorting out a few “Carrefour de Rencontres” organizing occasions to present planners, inside draftsmen and scene creators to inn and café chiefs undertaking ventures, just as to land engineers. Every one of these activities have been set up by MAISON&OBJET to energize the achievement of exhibitors and guests, notwithstanding the workshops and meetings arranged all through the expo.

Far reaching and reasonable methodology for merchants -Hotel Architectural Design

The retail division has been experiencing a significant change lately. The expanded number of dispersion channels, shoppers who are hyper-associated, specialists looking for significance, human collaboration and shock; every one of these variables are drastically changing the scene and obliging retail outlets to reconsider their general methodology so as to stay focused.

The public expo, which is constantly mindful to market changes, should along these lines bolster merchants by offering them centers for reflection, thoughts and proposals to improve their business execution.

MAISON&OBJET started this methodology in September 2011 by propelling the ESPACE RETAIL, a space devoted to retailers offering arrangements connected to improvement of their place of offer. This wellspring of direction in the midst of the progressions to the dispersion area rapidly prevailed upon guests to MAISON&OBJET, as shown by the 67% expansion in guest numbers between the September and January sessions and the longing of 98% to see the thought rehashed. We promise to give you a top product in Hotel Architectural Design.

The ESPACE RETAIL is back in September 2012 as a team with another accomplice: Open D Group, an organization spend significant time in item structure and the formation of Retail ideas, which has worked for various driving French and universal brands. CATEGORIES

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