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The Adande Sarma open-display refrigerated cabinet achieves C grade energy classification


The new Adande Sarma open-display refrigerated cabinet powered by Aircell technology achieves grade C energy classification under 2021 energy labelling regulations.

Adande Refrigeration Ltd, the company known for its award-winning ‘hold-the-cold’ refrigerated drawers, announces today its new 4ft integral, open-display retail cabinet, the Adande Sarma, has achieved a C rated energy label, as per the new 2021 Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Legislation.

The legislation was introduced to steer purchasers towards more energy-efficient products. The regulation has been defined so that no products should be rated in bands A-C, (based on benchmark data taken in 2014) in order to leave room for improved product development by manufacturers. The Adande Sarma cabinet scores significantly better than other open cabinets of a similar size, currently on the market today.

The Sarma open-display cabinet which allows shoppers to get close to products unhindered and without the impediment of a glass door has achieved this new energy classification thanks to the ground-breaking Aircell technology it is powered by. This new revolutionary airflow management system retains the cold air within the cabinet ensuring a constant temperature and humidity. It provides better energy performance than cabinets fitted with shelf edge air guides and uses energy similar to that of cabinets with glass doors, but with the benefit of easier accessibility and greater opportunities for food sales. The stable temperature through the cabinet will extend food freshness and reduce waste, even in the harshest environments.

Global Sales Director, Karl Hodgson: ‘The Sarma cabinet is a real winner for retailers who are energy conscious, are looking to avoid ‘cold-aisle syndrome’ for shoppers. In addition, with an open cabinet, you not only remove the viral touchpoints of glass doors but also the cleaning and maintenance costs associated with them too. Little wonder that brands such as Yo Sushi! use them, especially when they can save up to £550 per year in energy use per 4ft cabinet, compared to standard E rated models, and £850 compared to F rated units. The reduction in energy, that an Adande Sarma cabinet gives, meaningfully supports an organisation’s sustainability agenda and helps reduce their carbon footprint.’

Managing Director of Applied Design & Engineering, Ian Wood: ‘We are really pleased that the integral open display cabinet has achieved a good first energy grading, thanks to the Aircell technology within it. Aircell has proved itself as an innovative solution that can be deployed for air management at sustainable, low energy usage. Aircell has won multiple industry awards and has demonstrated it is a valuable asset that can significantly enhance the performance of open display cabinets. We are excited for the future with more exciting products to come.’

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Adande Refrigeration Ltd - The World’s best refrigeration, for the World’s best hotels

Whether freestanding, under counter, used as an equipment stand or built into a range, Adande’s modular units can be relied upon in every kitchen section. Trusted by discerning chefs and hotel operators around the world, Adande’s luxury hotel refrigeration products famously ‘hold-the-cold’ providing the most stable holding temperature and humidity, which reduces food waste.

Luxury Hotel Refrigeration Products

Precise, temperature control at incremental settings from fridge (+15 °C/59 °F) to freezer (-22 °C/-8 °F) set Adande units apart. Fish held at precisely +1 °C/30 °F without the need for ice stays fresher for longer and is easier to fillet. Fresh meat stored in an Adande set at exactly +2 °C/36 °F suffers less from dehydration and drip loss.

Ice creams and sorbets held at -15 °C/+5 °F stay at the ideal serving temperature without any ice crystals forming. Fries spitless when cooked, take up less oil and are cooked to a consistent standard when they have been stored in one of Adande’s luxury hotel refrigeration products. Seafood, pasta, pastries, salad and garnishes are amongst the many other different food types that keep better in such a stable and precisely controlled environment.

The Adande saladette is new in 2021 and is a kitchen must-have. It has been remodelled to deliver the ultimate value to hoteliers. Made up of a saladette server with a two-drawer Adande beneath, the top drawer is integrated into the server itself. When the server is switched off the top drawer of the Adande functions as a normal fridge, the bottom drawer is a standard Adande fridge/freezer.

The server has 20% additional holding capacity compared to earlier models and accommodates an additional 1/3 gastronorm pan. The new shape enables quick produce access and improved hygiene. It is also highly efficient as it uses a natural refrigerant with zero CO2 emissions. Adande units have low energy usage and low maintenance requirement.





Luxury Hotel Refrigeration Products

Karl Hodgson - Global Sales Director - Adande Refrigeration Ltd – Luxury Hotel Refrigeration Products

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