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Warren Tricomi – Luxury Hotel Haircare / Hotel Hair Salons / Hair Styling for Hotels

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Luxury Hotel Haircare / Hotel Hair Salons / Hair Styling for Hotels

Exuding the perfect harmony of sophistication, comfort, and just the right amount of dazzle, Warren Tricomi Salons is a beauty destination like no other.

Inspired by music, fashion, and art, we allow you to take the center stage when you enter our salon.

From glossy blacks to pristine whites and ultra-modern glam interiors, we provide clients with a luxe ambience for a full and unparalleled luxury hotel haircare experience.

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Warren Tricomi - Luxury Hotel Haircare / Hotel Hair Salons / Hair Styling for Hotels

For over 30 Years, Warren Tricomi has pioneered a standard that goes beyond excellence and continues to revolutionize the world of luxury hotel haircare. With state-of-the-art salons nestled in the most iconic cities in the US and abroad, Warren Tricomi has delivered unparalleled knowledge in both hair styling for hotels and service to over 1.5 million elite clients, and counting.

Today the thriving empire features 4 U.S. and 9 international hotel hair salons, each designed uniquely to fit its geographic location with a modern twist. More impressive is their ability to develop each salon to fit the persona of the ideal client in each location. Everything is expertly curated to fit together like perfect puzzle pieces and entice all 5 senses of their targeted persona: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch


Warren Tricomi’s brand visibility has been bolstered by numerous credits in editorials for global fashion and beauty magazines. Distinguished editors look to Warren Tricomi to bring their visions to life and create memorable fashion and beauty stories with a distinct point of view. The brand’s ongoing presence in top publications and collaborations with the world’s most renowned photographers is a testament to their ability to execute a concept while bringing to it their own unique ideas and expert perspective.


The brand’s long-standing heritage and knowledge of the luxury hotel haircare experience stands out among their peers. In a market dominated by flashy trends and new salon brands popping up every day with “the next big thing,” Warren Tricomi has stood the test of time with over three-plus decades of quality, luxury, and expertise in hair styling for hotels, remaining a consistent presence that continues to innovate and inspire. There is a high intellectual level to Warren Tricomi’s work, evidenced in their long history of collaborating with interesting, avant-garde photographers and visionary designers.


From the moment a guest enters a Warren Tricomi hotel hair salon, they are in the confident hands of professionals who seemingly know exactly what to do the moment they see you – what unique style would fit, as well as enhance, your personality and body perfectly. It is this easy confidence and innate know-how of the brand that creates for the customer a sense of trust and camaraderie that they are apart of something special, something that has been around long enough to know how to best share their gift with everyone they work with.


Warren Tricomi approaches hair styling, cutting, and coloring with a designer’s eye, and there is a creativity, an artistry, that is not often displayed by their contemporaries. The team is trained by the best in the industry to provide personalized beauty solutions to clients. With their deep understanding of femininity, beauty, and fashion, Warren Tricomi dreams up and executes runway concepts that are unrivaled within the fashion industry, making them the trusted experts that designers turn to with the utmost confidence.

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