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Luxury Hotel Cocktails / Hotel Spa Drinks / Room Service Cocktails

What is Tios?

Tios is a range of hard teas that aims to combine people’s love for easy-to-drink, luxury hotel cocktails and tea with sleek Danish design. We put the tea in cocktails.  Tios Drinks are unique award-winning sparkling alcoholic tea-based hotel spa drinks with brewed organic white tea, premium spirits and all-natural ingredients. A not-so-guilty pleasure without compromising on taste. Our room service cocktails are an exciting alternative to a sweet pre-mixed cocktail, wine, beer, or a hard seltzer.  They are low in calories (each can contains fewer than 75 calories) with no added sugar, 4.4% ABV and vegan.

What are our signature flavours?

There are three tea-based twists on popular luxury hotel cocktails. Our three signature flavours are Hard Tea Mojito, Hard Tea Margarita, and Hard Tea Light & Stormy, offering a unique and distinct taste profile that is easily recognisable.

Who is Tios for?

Tios’ room service cocktails are for the mindful pleasure-seeker, people who want to find a good balance in what they consume without compromising on taste. 

Why ‘Tios’? 

Tios (like ‘Tea-ose’) is inspired by our family, our travels,  with a Danish, British and French touch. The name is inspired by the Spanish ‘Tíos’ meaning ‘uncles’ and is in honour of our family tradition of Margarita night, started off by our aunt and uncle.

When/where can Tios be enjoyed?

Tea time? Cocktail time? Why not both?  Too early to get the shaker out? Fed up with the usual G&T? Not inspired by hard seltzers?  Tios’ hotel spa drinks are great for all occasions. Ready to drink & delicious straight from the can in a restaurant or with a takeaway, on the dance floor, at a picnic with friends, or poured over ice.


Our Hard Tea Mojito was awarded the Gold Medal in the pre-mixed cocktail category at the Drinks and Spirits Business Autumn Tasting 2021, surpassing 26 other submissions. We are proud to have received several other accolades for our luxury hotel cocktails, including the Vegan Choice Award 2023, and the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2022 for ‘Best Alcohol Drink’.

Supplier Details

Tios Drinks - Luxury Hotel Cocktails / Hotel Spa Drinks / Room Service Cocktails

Tios Drinks company information:

  • Founders: Cecilia Roux, Segolenne Andersen-Roux, Mark Andersen-Roux
  • Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Date Started: 2020
  • Mission: We want to be a brand you can trust.
  • Vision: Combining tea and cocktails for a not-so-guilty pleasure
  • Tagline: We put the tea in cocktails

For the mindful pleasure seeker 

Tios’ room service cocktails has the ambition to become a go-to drink for increasingly health-conscious consumers paying closer attention to what they drink and who want to maintain a balanced lifestyle without compromising on taste. Tios’ hotel spa drinks are an exciting and tasty alternative to the increasingly popular, flavoured alcoholic sparkling waters or hard seltzers as well as the sugary, calorific pre-mixed drinks, wines and beers. It’s the best of both worlds. Our white tea is high in antioxidants and offers a subtle herbal hint and a delicious depth of flavour. Tios’ luxury hotel cocktails appeal to a large audience, male and female. 

Press & Customer Reviews:

  • ★★★★★ – “The alcoholic low calory drink you need to know about.” – Cosmopolitan UK
  • ★★★★★ – “The perfect refreshing canned cocktail for spring, summer and beyond.” – ELLE UK
  • ★★★★★ – “I love what Tios are doing and what they stand for, and the mojito for me hits the spot. It’s perfect straight out of the can or over ice and best enjoyed with mates. Full of flavour but without the usual sugar and alcohol levels so a much more health-conscious alternative.” – Lucy
  • ★★★★★ – “So surprised by the taste, so refreshing, I shall make these hard teas my go-to drink for less calories and no cringy sweetness.”–
  • ★★★★★ – “Adopted as my go-to drink this summer.” – Jane
  • ★★★★★ – “It’s genius. I’m shocked by it. Really unusual.” – BBC Good Food Winter Show 2022

Supply Chain

  • Production: The cans are produced in a SALSA-accredited premium quality facility in Leicestershire. 
  • Sourcing: All ingredients are carefully sourced through UK/EU  suppliers.  Primary and secondary packaging materials are also sourced within the UK
  • Fulfillment: Our cans are shipped directly from our production site with our fulfilment partner.  Possibility of supplying through partner wholesalers.
  • Packaging: BPA-NI aluminium cans & FSC-certified packaging





Segolenne Andersen-Roux - Co-founder/owner - Tios Drinks – Luxury Hotel Cocktails / Hotel Spa Drinks / Room Service Cocktails

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