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Hotel CBD Products - Grass & Co

Grass & Co. The finest quality Hotel CBD Products and aromatherapy wellness products

Grass & Co. CBD is a premium range of luxury hotel CBD products that blend the finest quality 100% natural CBD with therapeutic botanical ingredients to bring balance to your body and mind. Our unique botanical blends enhance the taste of the CBD for the most deliciously, smooth flavours.

The Grass & Co. luxury hotel CBD products range was developed around specific need states (pain, anxiety and insomnia) and the associated lifestyle rituals. The range includes Consumable CBD Oils, Muscle Balms, Body Oils, Pillow Sprays, Candles and Bath Salts.

Luxury Hotel CBD Products
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Luxury Hotel CBD Products - Grass & Co

The No. 1 Premium Luxury Hotel CBD Products & Botanical Wellness Brand for Hotels & Spas

Grass & Co. are the Hotel CBD wellness experts and are committed to delivering the very best luxury hotel CBD products to deliver the most unforgettable and luxurious hotel or spa experience.

Our goal is to become an integral part of the luxury hospitality environment and deliver a tangible contribution to your guests’ enjoyment.

Quality and integrity drive our approach to everything we make and do. Customers trust us to source all our ingredients ethically and to rigorously lab test the CBD content. We openly share the Certificates of Analysis on our website product pages. See our 5* Trustpilot reviews to read the many reasons why people are choosing Grass & Co.

Grass & Co. only use the best-of-the-best organic luxury hotel CBD products and botanicals. Our products work with your body to deliver uplifting results you can feel instantly.

Our luxury hotel CBD products are available to be sold directly, and for direct use in your hotel spas. The account team is open and flexible to enquiries of all nature. Discover CBD for your customers today.

Why CBD? And what is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. A natural extract of the hemp plant that is both legal and non-intoxicating (No psychoactive or addictive effects). Our CBD oils contain no trace of THC.

CBD is different from THC, which is the psychoactive component found predominantly in marijuana. Our CBD oil is derived from legally grown hemp in the EU, and has no trace of THC. THC will get you high. CBD won’t get you high, but will provide many more benefits.

It’s that simple.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is known to be a popular treatment for pain (inflammation), anxiety and insomnia. We’ve built a unique range strategy with these distinct consumer need states at its heart with our EASE, CALM and REST sub-brands.

We believe that education is absolutely key for anyone looking to benefit from CBD, especially for the first time. We supply our premium CBD guides to our customers and will make copies available in your hotel or spa. You can download it here.

Hotel CBD Products: Gifting and Impulse Sales

The Grass & Co. team have considerable experience in gifting and impulse sales. We offer the flexibility to create exclusive and bespoke gift sets for each customer. The EASE, CALM and REST ranges offer fantastic opportunities as CBD is extremely giftable to recipients of all ages.

We understand the importance of gifting and impulse sales. Our luxury hotel CBD products present the chance to up-sell as the range spans multiple categories within “wellbeing” from the CBD Oils and Topicals to the Bath Salts, Pillow Sprays and Candles.
As a leading CBD brand in the UK, we are proud to take exceptional care and pride in everything we do. We implicitly understand the CBD consumer and the importance of branding and perceived end value. Our premium positioning is supported by exceptional design along with a sustainable, yet high quality packaging style.
We are experts in brand design, marketing and product development and are ready to implement tailored content across all consumer touchpoints to support a listing.
In short, we are confident that we’re great partner to work with and always look to invest in brand support.

CBD Botanical Blends, Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Pillow Sprays and Candles

Here at Grass & Co. we make the finest luxury hotel CBD products and aromatherapy products infused with therapeutic botanical ingredients. Stocked in premium destinations such as Selfridges, our products will create unforgettable experiences for your customer.

The EASE range includes Turmeric, Ginger and Orange to help soothe and ease your body, especially after exercise. The CALM range delivers balancing botanicals Mint, Chamomile and Ashwagandha to help relax your body and calm your mind.

Many people who have already tried CBD Oils think that the challenging taste is something you just have to put up with to enjoy the benefits. Our goal is to exceed expectations with the best sensory experiences. The unique botanical blends enhance the CBD to deliver the best flavours that are a pleasure to use as part of your daily routine.

We only use the best-of-the-best CBD and botanicals and our experts take great care in sourcing these ingredients. The 100% natural ingredients are specially selected for their well-known health benefits and work with your body to deliver uplifting results you can feel instantly.

The Highest CBD Quality Standards

Grass & Co. are building a trusted brand in the UK by creating products with great care, rigorous safety standards and by really looking after our customers. We’re passionate about making the benefits of CBD oils relevant and accessible to all.

The team are extremely proud of the Grass & Co. brand that we have grown and the products that we have developed. Our gold standard products are achieved through our stringent manufacturing practices and standards, as well as our investment in testing and product sourcing.

CBD is central to our product range. But, we will only use it in ways that we believe will be fully effective and beneficial. CBD in consumable oils will be absorbed by your body, and topical applications can interact with the CBD receptors in your skin. We will not add CBD to our Bath Salts, where it will be diluted and eventually go down the plug hole, or Pillow Sprays, where it will mostly soak into the fabric of your pillow.

As experts in luxury hotel CBD products, partnerships, product development and branding, we can help you take your first steps into the wonderful world of CBD.

Luxury Hotel CBD Products



Luxury Hotel CBD Products
Luxury Hotel CBD Products
Luxury Hotel CBD Products
Luxury Hotel CBD Products
Luxury Hotel CBD Products
Luxury Hotel CBD Products
Luxury Hotel CBD Products
Luxury Hotel CBD Products
Luxury Hotel CBD Products
Luxury Hotel CBD Products



Luxury Hotel CBD Products

Daniel Weir - National Accounts Manager - Grass & Co – Hotel CBD Products

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