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Lubech Living - Sustainable Hotel Interior Design

All products are handmade and produced under sustainable conditions. We are well known for our design, style and quality. Lübech Living design and produce our own brands OOhh and OOhhx. All products are made from recycled materials.

Every product is Danish designed and made in Sri Lanka as part of a women’s fairtrade project.

We are also proud distributors for Vance Kitira, By Eve and UASHMAMA.

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The OOhh Collection

“OOhh…okay, aha, really, is that possible?”

The reactions are many for the OOhh collection by Lübech Living. The OOhh collection incorporates the nature and the environment into our Scandinavian designs and is a result of a Fairtrade project in Sri Lanka. OOhh is designed to surprise and inspire. The design, the recycled materials and the composition are supposed to bring out the ‘OOhh’, ‘Aha’ reaction, which enriches our life and bring joy to our soul and interior.

The collection offers a beautiful range of pots/vases, home interior, a great variety of containers, seasonal decorations and office accessories.

The collection is made from recycled material only. We use primarily recycled paper as well as eco-felt a fabric made from recycled plastic bags and plastic bottles, off cuts from mahogany wood, Kurundu (Cinnamon) wood. Our pottery collection is coated with a natural latex inside making the vessels 100% waterproof. On the outside we work with a wide variety of recycled and natural materials.

The OOhhx Collection

In Fall 2018 we introduced our very first OOhhx collection with products made from recycled glass. The collection is made in Europe from 100% recycled glass. The entire collection is handmade and a majority of the collection is mouthblown glass. The collection consist of 3 stunning groups each with their features. Palma is recognized by its unique matte finish. Valencia is an elegant collection of vases, tealight holders, bowls all in mouthblown glass. Barcelona is a collection of beautiful vases and oil lamps which can be used outdoor all year round.

In this coming Fall/Winter season 2019 we are really proud to show you our new OOhhx ceramics collection which is manufactured using solar energy. Ceramic is a natural product however very demanding on the use of electricity and with this OOhhx collection we are happy to offer the interior business a sustainable alternative to the ceramics currently in the market.

The Vance Kitira Collection

A Thai forester and his certified candles

Certified candles – is this a choice? And is it of any importance? In these days where the ongoing debate is about the health risk when burning candles, the answer is a massive YES! And this is exactly what has been of importance to Vance Kitira since he began his candle production in 1993. As a unique choice in the industry, Vance Kitira decided to use food grade paraffin for his candles. A paraffin which is a fully refined wax with no impurities and excess color. Made with 100% cotton wicks and fine dyes. The result; phenomenal beautiful candles displaying a warm glow and with no carcinogens (no cause of cancer). The candles are testet at the independent SGS Laboratory in France.

The success behind the Vance Kitira brand build on Vance’s love to nature and his interest in paying back what nature offer to humanity by protecting and conserving it. For Vance it is important only to use the best and most allergy and environmentally friendly materials as well as reuse the excess wax. His engagement in nature, earth and human race is clear and shown by ways of growing his own plantation and donating from sales to grow new trees.

The UASHMAMA Collection

The combination of Italian craftmanship, tradition and innovation

The combination of tradition, craftsmanship and technology has ensured that the “magic” formula for UASHMAMA®(pronounced Wash Mama) paper arose. Made with a production technique similar to the one used when tanning leather. It is durable, sustainable and the material is 100% natural fibers from plantation grown trees. It’s paper, it looks like leather, is washable and retains its shape. Suitable for many purposes. The possibilities with the UASHMAMA® products are endless and continue to inspire. It started with an idea. The first paper bag was a reality and since then the collection has expanded to include handbags, shoppers, braces and aprons. The products are available in various colors, sizes and finishes.
Washable and hand made in Tuscany, Italy.

The By Eve Collection

Mouthblown glass lamps – Quiet Luxury

The BY EVE collection is a range of stunning exclusive mouthblown glass lamps. The By EVE collection is a much needed renewal to the Scandinavian style and quintessence of ‘Quiet Luxury’. The collection is elegant and tasteful and the high level of quality is very clear. In order to match the quality of the lamps BY EVE has developed matching hanging modules which are designed for an easy and functional suspension. The mouthblown glass lamps are illuminated with special developed bulbs all with a unique warm light.

The person behind BY EVE is the Dutch fashion designer Sandra Peters. After she sold her fashion company, she decided to look for new adventures in the interior business and started the brand BY EVE.

The collection offer everything from beautiful table lamps, floor lamps, wall and ceiling lamps. All lamps are delivered complete with the special designed bulbs, wiring etc.



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