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Lobmeyr - Hotel Lighting

For more than 200 years Lobmeyr has been producing custom hotel lighting designs, for example, crystal fixtures, divider sconces and different lights with the most noteworthy respect to imaginative and conventional hand-making procedures.

We supply to our clients the administrations of custom hotel lighting ideas from an adornment perspective, working firmly together with inside originators and modellers to make or encourage custom structures and arrangements just as making mark things for anterooms, cafés, bars and banqueting lobbies.

We exceed expectations at providing the most restrictive and bona fide custom hotel lighting arrangements in conventional and immortal plans, adding to some milestone ventures.

Supplier Details

Lighting for Hotels

With our scope of more than 5,000 individual custom hotel lighting designs and in-house structure limit, we endeavour to supply the most appropriate hotel lighting things. Here we consider the general structure idea of the undertaking, the viewpoint of the head and, above all, the design organisation of a given room. Our point here is to work inside a current engineering and structure idea and not to command it with hotel lighting things. From our current structure, we can make custom things to mirror the style of the task.

Custom hotel crystal fixtures as signature things

For halls, eateries and other open regions bespoke hotel lighting designs are perfect, as they improve the visual mark of the undertaking, adding to the production of milestone ventures. Here we can bring to hold up under our in-house configuration group just as outside originators. We fundamentally draw from a rich pool of rising fashioners who over and overwork with us in making contract things or new plans for our lines.

Hotel Lighting – Structure and bolster administrations for lighting ventures

Drawing from hundreds of years of experience our experts are among the most gifted on the planet. Working in a tight group with the executives and chiefs we can intently collaborate with the structure group of a lodging to guide, exhort and investigate an undertaking, encouraging thoughts and arrangements regularly not thought of by inn creators or actually slanted custom hotel lighting planners.

We can help the undertaking best whenever incorporated into the group as from the get-go in the task as could reasonably be expected. A few administrations in this field must not really be connected with a genuine deal and can be offered separately. For such assignments, the overseeing accomplice Johannes Rath is set up to hop on a plane and travel the world. Our bespoke hotel lighting things don’t just look exquisite and are of the most astounding quality; we additionally consider the functionality and maintainability of our assembling.

Special lighting items for hotels, shows and theatres

We are a family possessed and overseen organisation in the 6th era of a similar family. The top administration is associated with everyday business and assembling.

As a gainful unit Lobmeyr is set up as an atelier or workshop with around twelve exceptionally talented and prepared ace specialists. We hold conventional hand creating methods in high regard yet we readily embrace present-day systems of production where pertinent. We like to remain consistent with a given plan as opposed to go astray from that so as to encourage modern creation methods.

Our quality is the formation of special things to the most astounding tasteful and fabricating norms. We may not be the most cheap provider but rather we make things to be discussed and recalled. Consequently our best showrooms are the lodgings, dramas, theaters and structures of confidence of this world.

Hotel Lighting Designs – The historical backdrop of Lobmeyr

Lobmeyr was established in 1823 by Ludwig Lobmeyr as a retail outlet for the best precious stone. Not long after that the scope of administrations was extended to incorporate skilfully made hotel lighting. This was first delivered by restrictive accomplice organisations; in the twentieth century, our own workshop was set up to make it useful for the dissolving quality level in the market.

In 1971 we purchased the prestigious organisation Zahn and Co to further improve our capacity in production.



Custom Hotel Lighting
Custom Hotel Lighting
Custom Hotel Lighting
Custom Hotel Lighting


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