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We are a building automation company and a distributor of smart hotel solutions including hotel smart mirrors and products which are closely correlated with smart homes and modern hospitality solutions. Our main goal is to contribute to the competition of smart hotel solutions for automation of various spaces which includes residential, hospitality, and business spaces. With that said, we do not build buildings, we merely make them smarter.

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Next Generations of Smart Hotel Solutions and Hotel Smart Mirrors

A hotel can just be ordinary, it can be good but nothing special. Many people love old-school and traditional design, but that doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t incorporate modern technologies with it. When guests interact with modern and bleeding-edge technology they can feel the added value that your hospitality provides. We can provide you with that kind of solution just like hotel smart mirrors. Imagine being a guest and waking up in the morning to see your curtains open so the sun can slowly wake you up, and when you head to the bathroom on a hotel smart mirror you can see the latest news, weather, hot tourist locations, play music or whatever else. In the category of digital signage, we took a step forward and provide kiosks (totems) with built-in hand sanitisers as a response to COVID-19. We know that sounds awesome and that is why we’re going to do our best to help you with your needs and requests. Provided with premium support you’ll be in good hands with us and our team of professionals. A hotel doesn’t have to be just ordinary, it can be extraordinary.

Hotel Smart Mirrors and Mirror TVs

We can provide you with interactive hotel smart mirrors mentioned above that have the following features: touch screen display, speakers, LED light, IP65 water and dust resistance, plug and play, Android OS, customizable for every client. If the IP65 level isn’t impressive enough, our smart mirrors have a build-in defogger technology that keeps the mirror nice and reflective at every moment. On the other side, there are Mirror TV displays that basically show any media content that you want, they can be great idle displays used for digital signage where you can display hotel info.

Smart Hotel Solutions and Hotel Smart Systems

Correct control of your establishment is important for you and the guests, that’s where a hotel smart system comes in handy. For this, we use reliable equipment that has market experience for over 30 years and works like it should which is important when dealing with a large space like a hotel. This kind of hotel smart system can automate many daily tasks like turning on the lights in the lobby every evening at 7:00 PM and turning them off every morning at 6:00 AM for example. That was just one case where a hotel smart system can help you run your hotel efficiently. In the smart system itself, there can be many aspects like lights, curtains, heating, AC, audio system, sensors, and more. With a hotel smart system like this in every room, there are premium panels instead of traditional switches.

WiFi Thermostats

Devices like WiFi thermostats can tremendously help you with heating or cooling and they are a very inexpensive solution. Within one mobile app, you can control every Wifi thermostat in your hotel, in every room and at the same time the guest can also control it on the thermostat itself. The only requirement is that every Wifi thermostat has to be connected to WiFi but that is not a big deal since nowadays that is a must in every hotel room. On the other hand, if you just want a room thermostat that looks great in a luxury interior, we also have a great selection for that.

Smart Solutions: Smart Locks

With five different ways to unlock it, a smart lock gives you a great management option via Hotel GRMS and easy access for guests. These five ways of unlocking are password, IC card, key and mobile app. For hotels, the most popular are of course IC cards.


Hotel Smart Mirrors

Luka Krčmar - Co-founder and CEO - Livmark – Smart Automation Solutions

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